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Hi there,

As of Nov. 3, 2022, I am having trouble printing the "printable diary". It prints with the incorrect food and exercise information. Does anyone know how how to fix it?

Also, now the "printouts" are a different look/format. Why did that change?

Thank you, IMeyer7

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  • Elbee1
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    I noticed the same exact thing! I hope this gets resolved real soon. I often print out my menus and take them with me.
  • DaffyGirl88
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    You can still see the printable report? All I get is a 404 page not found error. :s
  • cmriverside
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    The nutrition numbers on the Printable Report are all wrong, too. According to the Printable Report, I have all kinds of errors recorded on items.

    I used this report all the time. It needs to be fixed!!

    You can still see the printable report? All I get is a 404 page not found error. :s

    You can refresh a couple times and it will appear. No point though, the numbers are crazy-wrong.

  • mshimizu1
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    I have the same problem. Effective 11/04/2022, the lay out of Printable Report (by clicking "View Full Report(Printable)" has been changed. Since then, the Printable Report is not matching Food Diary. Numbers(e.g. Calories and other nutrition) of itemized food contains wrong numbers. Subtotal calculation is incorrect. For example, Lunch and Dinner has the same subtotal even food I ate are different. On top of it, the subtotal calculation is incorrect. Occasionally, the printable report is not even generated by showing 404 page not found error. This never happened before the change of 11/04/2022. Good news is myfitnesspal is aware of this issue and they are investigating the cause of this problem. I hope they fix this problem as soon as possible. We truly need the Printable Report to keep track of our food intake and our health. Please keep us posted. Thank you.
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