High protein low carb no eggs or chia

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I have recently just returned to this site as previous attempts have not been good lol
I have done 5 days of recording my food diary and notice carbs are a huge issue for me. I can't do eggs or chia etc any suggestions for a person who does not normally eat breakfast? I prefer savoury over sweet. I'm 68 and trying to lose 10 to 15 pounds. Thx


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    Breakfast is usually my main meal, but that makes no difference. I am on a 40/30/30 breakdown of carbs/protein/fats for my intake.

    If you are allergic to eggs, then you may not be able to use some of the things I do. If you are not allergic to eggs, then I use protein pastas sometimes to make some of our meals. I also use protein to make pancakes and waffles for snacks and store them in the fridge. They go great with a small bit of jam and hot tea or a cup of coffee.

    I also have a protein shake once a day. I use a whey protein isolate that has no carbs or artificial sweeteners. I don't eat three meals a day. I have 4-6 small meals throughout the day and log everything to ensure I know my intake. It also speeds up my metabolism and I am not hungry throughout the day.

    I carry snack bags (measured in grams for accuracy) with chicken jerky, assorted trail mix, popcorn (15g - only one and used sparingly for when you absolutely must), a protein cookie (can be cut in half and split into two separate snack bags - it makes you drink more water, too).

    Make sure you take at least two water bottles - 500L each. Increased protein makes you thirsty and puts an extra strain on your kidneys, so you will need the extra fluid. If you have any cardiac issues ensure you are staying within your fluid restriction.

    You should check with your doctor before you change your diet too drastically to ensure you're able to tolerate the changes without too much strain.
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    Avocado, with a squeeze of lime juice, sprinkle of chilli flakes and salt.

    I eat mine with tomatoes, but not sure how the numbers would add up with those.
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    If you enjoy eggs there is an alternative product that is quite good: JUST Egg has 12 to 13 grams of plant-based protein per serving.

    Or there are scrambled tofu dishes out there too.

    Cottage cheese on toast.

    There are a couple of interesting ones here too: https://skinnyfitalicious.com/?s=breakfast+meat+balls
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    I eat some triscuit Crackers with a couple of slices of sharp cheddar. The fiber in the Crackers plus the milk proteins and fats keep me full for quite a while.
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    I've been trying dinners for breakfast for example
    -stir-fried veggies with precooked chicken breast
    -sausage patties with carrots broccoli green beans
    -baked cod with parsley and green beans
    -precooked turkey burger in a toasted sandwich or romaine to save cals with mild salsa
    high protein and filling keep you full till lunch
    Also avocado on toast with chicken and cherry toms

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    Bowmar protein in my coffee, may seem expensive but compared to DD or others not so much. Plain greek yogurt w/ scoop powder, can add tsp honey if need sweeter. Protein water ( Amazon) powder that you use. I know sometimes I struggle w/ not eating enough so this helps me , good luck!
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    I've been eating cottage cheese and low fat yoghurt with various fruits for breakfast for years and don't get sick of it. 1/2 c 0% fat cottage cheese, 1/4 c reduced sugar Liberte Greek yoghurt (coconut is yummy) and a cup of frozen raspberries, strawberries or mango, or a pear or peach... the other go-to yogurt is Source, 0% fat and sweetened with Splenda - very low cal so you can eat more but it is not Greek it's thinner.

    My once a week breakfast is old-fashioned oatmeal but the trick is after serving it, put 1/2 c skim milk in the pot and whisk in a scoop of protein powder, whisk constantly on med heat and it turns into a custard! Sprinkle a tbsp or two of toasted walnuts or pumpkin seeds on top for a gourmet brekkie! (and pumpkin seeds are high in iron)
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    I keep Atkins shakes in my fridge when I don't feel like making breakfast. I am diabetic so low carb is my mantra.
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    Good one ! I thought they too much artificial but if it helps overall goal of losing . I think it good. That’s great better than a mark bar lol well done!
  • soniakircher1
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    Suggestion ; u can buy low carb wraps plus bagel or shake Greek yogurt berries is good . Or I skip breakfast break fast between 11-1 what ever suits lol good luck
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    coffee with chocolate protein powder, 1/2 banana with a Tbsp peanut butter

    *tradition says eggs for breakfast, but that is just an idea ~ any food can be eaten at any time, so the choices are endless.
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    Hi that sounds good , can I ask what protein powder as I don’t know which one to buy! Yes eggs are so good as is Greek yogurt chia seeds and Advocado have it all time. I had pickles but ran out . I am fasting 100 days it’s so good with the app it really helps to see all the nutritional value in food what has soo much sodium fat carbs ect ! Have a good week
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    There’s no reason you really have to suddenly start eating breakfast if you prefer not to. Many people following intermittent fasting won’t have their first meal or snack until later in the day. Don’t force yourself if you’re not hungry and there’s no particular need to fuel prior to exercise.
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    I found it a huge struggle to fit 3 meals into my meal rotation and fit the calories around all 3.
    I stopped after trying Intermittent fasting and its suddenly easier to make the remaining 2 meals satisfying.

    On the high protein front - i have found fat free thick yoghurts like Skyr/fat free fage or Other Fat free Greeek yoghurts very useful as an alternative to snacking. I sue them to bump up protein while also using instead of snacks.