Does anyone use Beachbody on Demand?

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Does anyone currently use Beachbody on Demand? I was interested in signing up but I know that they are changing their membership to include the BOD and BODi now but there is no one to contact on their website for questions. The only places I found where you can try to contact someone is only if you are already a member. I see that it's $119 to sign up for the annual subscription but it doesn't say how much it is when it renews and it doesn't say if you have to pay more in spring when they combine both BOD and BODi which costs more. I don't want to pay the $119 now to only have to pay more in a few months or I can't use the program. I feel like their lack of customer service is going to divert me away from even signing up in the first place.


  • R3d_butt3rfly_
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    I remember when you were able to buy beachbody programs on VHS. I started my fitness journey using Slim in 6 and loving the results so I understand why people still purchase their programs but I wouldn't spend money on any now. YouTube has so many compatible videos you just have to find the right channel. If you don't want to spent the money now just wait and try an alternative program in the meanwhile.
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    I don't but I can say BB used to be a huge 'thing' for many members of this community years ago. It seems that has significantly died off.
  • ermengarde22
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    i use it for workout vids, and like it. it was $108 and now its going up to $120 for the year (mine renews in Jan), so like from $9 a month to $10. idk about the BODi thing but it’s a year long subscription, so whatever you sign up for you have for the year.
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    I have it and love it. But now that a lot of the new workouts go to Bodi, I may look into that.