New Year. New Me — once again

Hello all -

Looking for friends over 50, with 40 or more pounds to lose.

I’m not new to MFP- just haven’t been here for a while. Need to make changes and finding that as my age increases it’s getting harder and harder!!

Help me!!


  • Debbiedoingit
    Debbiedoingit Posts: 1 Member
    I’m 55 with 50 pounds to lose! I’m going to aim for 1 pound a week! It’s time to get serious. My knees hurt and I’m hurting my health.
  • OhioDido
    OhioDido Posts: 28 Member
    59 year old grandfather with 50+ pounds to lose.
  • momzilla11
    momzilla11 Posts: 50 Member
    68 here, with 60-65 pounds to go to my goal weight. I became active again on September 1, and this time decided to get serious by doing everything I could to succeed. And it worked! I've lost 30 pounds and many inches. Now onward. Happy new year!
  • SunPatients5236
    SunPatients5236 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi, happy new year! I am 59 and have 45 pounds to lose. I am ready to do the work it will take to reach my goal. Tired of aching joints among other things.
  • JustBeMe52
    JustBeMe52 Posts: 4 Member
    Hi to all, I am 52 with 45pounds to lose.
    Covid and my husbands cancer diagnosis sent me whirling down the path of over eating and drinking.
    Thankfully his cancer is all gone and I want to get back into my hiking clothes again.