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Has anyone used the GoLo plan and what were your results?


  • judithanne013
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    I am using Golo right now. I believe following their healthy eating plan is the big part and the pills assist with cravings.

    The meal plan is simple with 2 proteins, 1 carb, 2 veggie servings and one healthy fat per meal with veggies being optional at breakfast. And also using full fat dairy products and sugar. And no soda.

    I do like a lot of their recipes on the site.
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    Just bought it, should arrive this week. Excited to try! Thanks for sharing your input; I was wondering about meal plans
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    Day 4 for me, and sure helps with between meal snacking. I do follow the meal plans and pay attention to portion sizes. Good luck!
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    Have you all kept the weight off using golo? Do the pills eventually stop working?