what do you think of my body? I am 5'7 guess my weight

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  • aball2734
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    I am 5'7
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    You are beautiful and have a contagious smile. I am terrible at the guess my weight game. I'm your height and I have no idea.
  • CurvyEmmy
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    OMG everything about your body is so perfect. I’m incredibly jealous!!

    HOW did you get your belly so flat??

    I’m currently 5’5” and 280 pounds with a 49-50 inch waistline. I’ve always had a problem with belly fat. I’m naturally apple shape (not a perfect hourglass like you) so I have a bigger waistline. :(

    This is probably the closest I ever came to looking as good as you… this is me 100 pounds lighter than I am now. God I was so slim back then!


    I think that was around 180 pounds and I love the way I looked back then! But I still had a bigger tummy than you, I think my waist was like 38 inches or so. I’m guessing yours is less than 35 (I also jealous).

    My arms are bigger than yours too - for some reason I have always carried arm fat even as a kid! Again, super jealous of your slim arms!

    So I’m gonna agree with the above comment and guess you’re only in the 160’s. Congrats! That is a really great weight for your height!! You definitely look too slim to be over 170. Am I right?
  • peggy_polenta
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    180 to 185
  • CurvyEmmy
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    180 to 185

    No way, she’s way too slim. When I was 180 I was much fatter than her.
  • aball2734
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    i am 165 in this pic yall thank you 😊
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    You look great! 150-160?
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    aball2734 wrote: »
    i am 165 in this pic yall thank you 😊

    For your height and the pic you shared you are all women. The face and smile is really what completes the package. Sorry I'm an older guy. Don't mean to be to misogynistic, but you started it. :wink: :smiley:
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    175 you look great!
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