Are you beach body ready?

Summer is coming! Are you ready to hit the beach in that itty bitty bikini? I'm not! lol!c05zbwexsa3p.jpg

Are you beach body ready? 26 votes

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  • MsCzar
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    Maybe as in beached whale? šŸ³ Then absolutely!
  • Plasicage
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  • nossmf
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    Physically I'm at the lowest BF% in decades, so there's that. However, people had better have their sunglasses on, as I'm sure my neon-white skin is sure to blind a few folks.
  • quiksylver296
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    Since I went to Belize the end of January, and had my body on the beach - YEP!
  • pamperedlinny
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    I plan to go to the beach and have family fun so we'll go with yes. HOWEVER, the bikini is an entirely different story.
  • jseams1234
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    Yup, but with the weather we are having in Northern California recently, not likely any beach trips for a while... also not sure anybody wants to see me in a bikini - although It would be interesting to see Dwayne Johnson or Tracy Morgan try to pull it off. lol
  • Trish1c
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    I'll probably never wear a bikini again. I was here on MFP before my 50th birthday & worked my *kitten* off . . .ok more like my belly. I rocked a bikini on my 50th. I was so proud of myself!

    Then DH walked up to me & handed me a cheeseburger & a pina colada. He congratulated me on achieving my goal (bikini with a flat(ish) stomach) but when he handed me the food he said "don't ever do this again. I want fat & happy not skinny & bitchy." I didn't think I was that bitchy. :s

    Anyway now, post Covid & all the stress baking I did, I'm overweight. Nothing fits & I'm miserable. I gave up my biggest calorie problem -- wine -- for dry January. Lost about 1-2 pounds. Now for Lent I have given up the other one -- sugared soda -- which is killing me. Oh, how I miss caffeine.

    DH & I joined the Y in February but haven't been faithfully going :( Trying to do better. I worked out yesterday & today but still feel fat & out of shape. It's demoralizing.
  • middlehaitch
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    Oh, I am so ready, but.........

    We were all supposed to be hitting the Caribbean and a cruise at the beginning of April to celebrate my son's 50th and my 70th but my better half managed to break his ankle in 3 places (compound at that!) so all travel is off for a few months.

    I love the beach and usually haul my snorkeling gear along with me for these trips as well as 7-8 bikinis. Yup I have that many, and 1 swimsuit (that I haven't worn since the day I bought it). I hate sitting around in wet bottoms so always carry a couple spare bikinis to change into.

    Do I look great in my bikinis? Probably not.
    Do I care? Not at all.

    (a friend has a video of me stood in a bikini laughing and my belly is jiggling like crazy. It sets us off laughing all over again every time it is played)

    Cheers, h B)
    I do slather myself in sun block in general, and wear a rashguard when snorkeling.
  • LiveOnceBeHappy
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    Every body is a beach body! Have fun and enjoy the sun and sea no matter your current size and shape. Of course, we all want to feel our best, but I hope people never want to not participate in amazing nature at the beach because they aren't a certain size! F(53), 131 lbs, 5' 2.5".
  • TattedInStilettos
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    Either way this body is going in a 2 piece šŸ‘™
  • Silkysausage
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    Put on a bikini...then you are beach ready. Who gives a carp?
  • tigerlinly
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    With medical problems will never be able to swim in ocean again but can work towards being able to sunbathe
  • dblirondog
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    Well that's a complicated answer. I'm not the biggest fan of my body, but I also won't let that stop me from enjoying the sun and soaking in rays. I won't be impressing anyone I'm sure, but I also won't let insecurities hold me back from living my best life. And one day, with all this working out I do, I'll get both.
  • Happyness4me2
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    I don't like tiny bikinis. So, no.