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Hello. Looking for an affordable fitness watch. What all pairs with this app and what do you all like. I work construction so it will have to be durable. Thanks in advance!
Ps blood pressure monitor is a must.


  • neanderthin
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    Don't use one but as far as a durable brand that have been making watches for a long time an is well respected for their durability is Casio, and they make a few smart watches. I'm a watch *kitten* and have about 15 watches and own two Casio's and use them as my go to tool watch for most outdoor and sports activities. If I were to ever venture into a smart watch that would be my choice especially if durability was a priority. They aren't cheap but you get what you pay for with Casio.
  • Rockmama1111
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    I have a low-end Fitbit (Inspire 2) that works great with MFP.
  • SuzanneC1l9zz
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    I've been happy with Garmins for years. No idea how they'd withstand a job in construction because I don't do anything close to that, but some of their models are more rugged/heavier duty than others, so there may well be something to meet your needs in that department. Blood pressure monitoring technology in the watches is still fairly new, and most if not all are still pretty unreliable. My home bp monitor cost less than a lot of the smart watches on the market and has been validated against the equipment we use at the hospital where I work - I took it in one day & ran a full-day comparison over multiple readings as well as the manufacturer claiming it was.