Baby steps ....

Completed 10 days in a row of exercise and eating less than my net calorie limit AND ...

... I lost a whole kilo!

On to the next one.


  • beautyandababe
    beautyandababe Posts: 26 Member
    Wishing everyone above the best of luck and continued success on their fitness journeys. Thank you for sharing. The small wins are inspiring.
  • GinLee61
    GinLee61 Posts: 1,184 Member
    Congratulations! Consistency and a slow steady rate of loss, the way that you are doing it, is key to long term success. You're rockin' it and you have wonderful attitude!!
  • Daeygur
    Daeygur Posts: 39 Member
    Completed 10 days in a row of exercise and eating less than my net calorie limit AND ...

    ... I lost a whole kilo!

    On to the next one.

    Congrats!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  • tinathescreamer
    tinathescreamer Posts: 296 Member
    79.8 kg - yay! below 80! Also I noticed a pair of jeans I have had previously to squeeeeze into, now slip on more easily.
  • tinathescreamer
    tinathescreamer Posts: 296 Member
    My waist is down to 34 inches, which takes me out of the Greatly Increased Risk zone down to Increased Risk. I would like to get back to 30 inches. Also my hips are down to 43 ins and I'd like to get them down to 40.
  • tracymaxfield07
    tracymaxfield07 Posts: 1 Member
    Had my wake up call last week at my endocrinologist's. I'm just a blood sugar level away from Type 2 Diabetes.

    Successfully made it through the first week of walking and tracking what I eat. My goal is to walk 10,000 steps 6x/ wk and lose 46 lbs. My middle son is my coach ❤️ I'm refusing to buy new batteries for my scale until week 3, as I know I'll become hyper focused over the number.
  • AnnofB
    AnnofB Posts: 3,584 Member
    tinathescreamer - fantastic accomplishment! I hope you found some pants in your favorite color to celebrate!
    RMUNTZ2 Posts: 103 Member
    edited July 2023
    I love this from @tinathescreamer

    "budgets aren't fun .... you have to cut out everything you enjoy and scrimp and save every penny ... Not so! You can allocate money for fun."

    So inspiring.

    My motto: Life should be fun


    I took me nearly 20 years of battling weight ups and downs till this year when I buckled down to a low carb no sugar and exercise way of life, I suddenly lost 40 lbs in 6 months. I'm healthy. I got my blood pressure, my blood sugar, and my cholesterol down and my fitness has greatly improved. Just keep it up.. keep going it's going to happen for you.
  • enedina530
    enedina530 Posts: 2 Member
    Keep up the great work! I just started my fitness journey again after having my now 4 year old “baby.”
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 31,392 Member
    You're doing so very well, @tinathescreamer, such a great example: Keep up the good work, and you'll keep reaping the great rewards!
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