Fitbit Chalenges Removed- Recomendations for similar fitness tracker with chalenges, please

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Hi all,

My fitbit is dying slowly. Soon I will nedd to upgrade it.
Because all the chalenges are removed from Fitbit, I don't really want to buy it.
I am looking for different step tracker that maybe does have similar challenges on the app that Fitbit used to have?

Is there anything similar out there?
I loved Fitbit's Workweek hustle and Bingo, They are so silly to remove it.

Thank you for your help :blush:


  • AnnofB
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    Not sure why Fitbit is changing so much. I have a FitBit Alta, really ancient, but it's still going strong. But, FitBit decided to drop access to statistics by computer. Now everything must sync using a phone or tablet. Pretty sure it's just one more way for them to find your location and more about you so they can either sell you something or sell your info.

    I have a friend who like's her Garmin Viofit. I'm looking at them and the Samsung Galaxy.

    Hope this helps. 🙂
  • AnnPT77
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    Garmin has challenges/badges. I don't pay attention to them, so don't know that much about the range of activities or nature of the challenges. No clue whether they're similar to Fitbit challenges, because I've never had a Fitbit, either. Here is a very small sample from the current Garmin list, FYI.

  • meb2490
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    Unfortunately I don't think there is anything like the challenges Fitbit had. It was so easy to create a challenge and earn badges. I'm on Stridekick now. It's okay. It is nothing like Fitbit though. It's time consuming to create a challenge and at the end everyone has 3 days to sync!! I hate that. I miss workweek hustle, weekend warrior and bingo so much.
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    Have you ever tried StepBet? I have it synced with my Fitbit. When you join a challenge, it calculates your daily step goals and most challenges are 6 weeks. It costs money to join a challenge, but you get it back plus a few bucks (once I got $20 extra!) for meeting your step goals. I save up my earnings to pay for my expensive walking shoes. (I upgraded to premium so I can do 3 challenges at a time but still netted about $150 last year.)
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    Apple has general solo and team challenges. You have to reach specific move, exercise and stand goals each day, and are ranked by points earned.

    Teams are four people, either anonymous or you can invite other users to create your own team.

    I found it very motivating- too motivating- while I was losing weight, but had to back off, because their system discourages rest days. I’d like it much better if I could accumulate points from days I’ve exceeded goals and carry them over to my rest day, or a day when I have an international or cross country flight and can’t complete goals