Portion size in My Recipes?

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Hi all, when I create my own recipes it asks for number of servings. For something like soups, if I forget to save the individual portions in the fridge, I can’t recall how much makes up a serving (ie cup, ounce, etc) is there a way to add that to the recipe?


  • AnnPT77
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    I usually weigh the finished/cooked food in grams, use the number of grams as the number of servings.

    Then, when I eat some later, I weigh the amount I serve myself. If I serve up (say) 193 grams, I log 193 servings. Works fine.

    MFP's recipe builder will produce some kind of "do you really mean it?" message when you input a large number of servings, but it will let you continue on and add the recipe that way.

    For soup, weigh the empty pot before you start cooking, and note the weight. When it's done, weigh the whole pot of cooked soup, subtract the pot weight to get the number of grams of soup.

    Some people like to pre-weigh their frequently used pots and baking dishes, tape a list of weights inside a cupboard door or something. I'm not that organized.
  • lynn_glenmont
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    I generally put the weight of a serving in the name of the dish when I save it as a recipe, e.g., Lentil chili (srvg = 180 g). Lots of people use the srvg = 1 g approach described by Ann above, and that certainly has the advantage of consistency. I like being able to see meaningful nutritional info for a serving, which won't happen if a serving equals 1 g (everything will pretty much round to zero).

    Sometimes for something that's a small number of servings that are reasonably easy to eyeball, and I'm the only one who's going to be eating it, I might just say in the name of the recipe (srvg = 1/4 recipe), but I prefer giving a weight. It's more flexible, and I don't have to remember if I've already eaten two servings or three (so that I know whether what's left is two servings or one).
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    I have a roll of masking tape and a sharpie stored with my Tupperware. Each food gets labeled with the way I titled the recipe, plus the info I need to find it and log it again. I freeze a lot of things individually to eat in the next couple of months, so I sympathize with you about forgetting what I did when I cooked and logged the recipe!