Looking for friends who post food journals

Greetings, MFPs. Pretty straightforward - I want to see what others are eating. I post my food journal as close to daily as I can. Anyone out there? Thanks!


  • SafariGalNYC
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    I’m a daily logger and poster! 😉 happy to share diary! @jiggyj9
  • Dellagirl5316
    Dellagirl5316 Posts: 24 Member
    I post my food diary daily and love looking at others as well
  • psuLemon
    psuLemon Posts: 38,397 MFP Moderator
    I log daily. I am on a cut right now. I need to get back to posting my pictures on my wall.
  • Gym_rat35
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    I post mine, it’s boring but I could always use some insight.
  • Creamtea42
    Creamtea42 Posts: 258 Member
    My diary is open - rarely perfect, but all are welcome to view! I find I get inspiration from others, but have “learnt” not to comment on other’s food choices - as have been miscontrued in the past 🤣🤣🤣
  • jiggyj9
    jiggyj9 Posts: 90 Member
    Made some really solid connections. It helps to stay accountable!

    For the record: I bravely welcome any comments on my food choices. 😁
  • Ianou12
    Ianou12 Posts: 3 Member
    Daily logger here. Feel free to add
  • rick123321
    rick123321 Posts: 11 Member
    Hit me up I’m on 1000 day streak