Ketogenic diet for pre-diabetes

My last A1C was 5.9 and I joined Virta through my work wellness program. Vitra is a medically supervised plan to reverse diabetes through nutritional ketosis. The plan is low carb, and moderate protein. I am looking for some friends that might be in the same boat so that we can support each other.


  • maggybd
    maggybd Posts: 48 Member
    Hi, I am also doing keto partially because my glucose was getting in the prediabetic range. How are you doing on it? My AC1 was 4.8 60 days into it which is really amazing.
  • azkunk
    azkunk Posts: 956 Member
    I just started about 2 weeks ago and down 9lbs. It’s really hard getting used to with 30g total carbs (not net) and 84g protein but I am staying on track. Your A1C is great. How many carbs are you doing?
  • rileysowner
    rileysowner Posts: 8,014 Member
    I am in a similar situation. Eating Keto has done wonders for my blood sugar. I am likely going to to a follow up blood test on A1C in a couple more months, but my glucose monitor is showing really good numbers.
  • tmowen
    tmowen Posts: 4 Member
    What do you set your macros at in MFP?
  • azkunk
    azkunk Posts: 956 Member
    30g carb, 84g protein. It auto calculates the fat and the total is below 1000 calories. I eat over the fat limit to satiety