Hi ,
I'm new to posting .
Anyone tried fasting ?
Wanted to hear of any success rates.
Also joined the gym to help with final weight goal .


  • musicfan68
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    Did you scroll down the page to see that there is a thread about fasting? I just looked and it is 8 threads below this one.
  • SoCalSwimmerDude
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    What type of fasting? Most people try to sound fancy and say 'intermittent fasting' but all they're doing is skipping breakfast. If you're not working out REALLY hard, then skipping breakfast can be helpful.

    I'm 90 days in and the first 30 or so, I would wait until around lunch time to start eating. Its good if you're naturally not that hungry in the morning. That said, working out/lifting took priority and proved better for my overall weight loss and muscle growth so I've been fueling my body prior to working out in the am.
  • princesslily1
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    It depends.

    For me, during the follicular phase of my cycle, IF is successful where I can do 16:8 easily.

    During the luteal phases, I have to break down my portions into smaller sizes and eat every 2-3hrs, and if I attempt IF my body seems to think I'm depriving calories. In addition, my metabolism ramps up during the luteal phase as well.
  • yirara
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    Doesn't do anything for weightloss, unless your problem is eating too much when you eat. If this helps you not to overeat it might be for you.
  • Theoldguy1
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    It's the calories you consume, not the time you consume them that determines weight gain or loss. If not eating during a certain timeframe helps one discipline their calorie intake that's fine.