Christmas Treats

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I am curious as to what treats everyone enjoys to keep in the holiday spirit and keep on track. My two recommendations are Planters Pumpkin Spice Almonds (25 almonds for 160 cal and super good for you) and Little Debbie Christmas Gingerbread (each man is 90 cal w 25 from fat). I don't eat Little Debbie at any other time of the year because It is full of trash. But the gingerbread is good and in the big picture not the worst holiday treat.

Your turn!


  • katerz86
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    I'm an avid baker and like to cook for nutrition. During the holiday I make my own treats. A healthy option that is full of fabulous protein and good fat is Amaretti cookies, traditional Italian almond cookies. They're comprised of egg whites, ground almonds, almond extract, a pinch of salt and a bit of sugar. You can use stevia or other natural sugars in lieu.

    This link has the best recipe and as I said, modify the sugar quantity and type to your needs.

    enjoy :)
  • martyqueen52
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    Anything my wife pulls from the oven. She usually whips out a pumpkin bread made ONLY with pumpkin (no oils and crap) that's godly. And any pumpkin pies laying around. I go wild on Thanksgiving and Christmas with food... and I don't track, nor could I care less to on those days.
  • prettymrsnelson
    I make a Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread Weight Watchers recipe. Only 3 pts a slice or 130 cals I think. You can google it.
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    I bake whole wheat low calorie gingerbread, pumpkin blondies, and pumpkin muffins! I also make low calorie whole wheat fat free apple and pumpkin pies as well! everyone loves them and can't tell they have no added sugar and are fat free oh and whole wheat!
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    Cookies, cakes, chocolates, Muffins, banana bread, Ginger bread, the good stuff. I'll just make it fit.
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    White chocolate peppermint cheesecake, sweet potato pie, banana pudding, cookies and pavlova
  • dopeysmelly
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    I'll make my own treats, and look for small ways to cut down on saturated fats and sugar, but I'll still have those mince pies, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, chocolate coins, port, icewine, champagne etc. They are a taste of where I grew up, but I'll be enjoying smaller quantities.
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    Homemade sugar cookies usually. They are so delicious. And a store bought Christmas log for Christmas. That's usually about it.
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    I've had Andes Peppermint pieces (50 calories for one piece), Weis Peppermint Crunch ice cream, and Talenti Old World Eggnog.
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    Skinny peppermint mochas from Starbucks. Other than that, there aren't really any treats that I have around this time of year I don't/can't have at any other time.
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    Whip egg beaters pure egg whites til stiff. Fold in your favorite healthy food.
    I made it with pbfit. Drop by teaspoonfuls on parchment lined cookie sheet, bake at 200 1 hour.
    They came out 10 meringues had 62 calories, 3g carbs, 1.2 g fat, 9.4 g protein.
    I like savory better than sweet, but love snacking during the holidays. Usually I overdo the nuts. This is an alternative for me. It would probably also be good for diabetics.
    I'm going to try parmesan next.
    Do you think it would work with a little chili powder? Hmmm
    I've always made them with sugar and crushed flavored candy canes sprinkled on top, as well as the usual nuts and mini chocolate chips. Everyone else liked them, but they were always too sweet for me.
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    My favorite Christmas treat is a German Christmas bread (Schnitzbrot) that goes back generations in my dad's family. I made it this year and had it turn out like I remember from my childhood. It's a dense dark bread filled with prunes, raisins, walnuts, and gumdrops (my aunt substituted them when she couldn't get candied fruit, and I love it that way). Three loaves only have a half cup of brown sugar, so it's not overly sweet.
  • Corina1143
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    Sounds great! I used to live near a German community, but I don't remember that particular bread. I do miss schnitka (spelling) as well as all their other good cooking.
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    This isn't necessarily for Christmas, but during that seasonal time and probably most for either Christmas eve and New Years eve. Well, foie gras for sure and this year I'll put them on home made crumpets with a chorizo pate, toasted almonds and a fluid gel I make with local frozen strawberries. Some osteria caviar with homemade blinis and sour cream, not doubt about that. And of course lots of oysters and clams casino......that's my basic splurge for the holidays.
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    All the things... actually I have gained 3 lbs back over the last two weeks if that tells you anything. But yeah I'm a baker and I do some bazaars throughout the season, so I always have leftovers cookies, cupcakes, truffles, etc. I was doing good giving them away but lately I've wanted to eat them. Oops. Also at my work, clients have been sending toffee and truffles and ferrero rocher. I love chocolate.
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    Biscochitos...I made them last weekend and should last probably through the new year

    Tamales and posole on Christmas Eve and flan for desert

    Mulled cider Christmas day

    Homemade eggnog after Christmas dinner with desert
  • Corina1143
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    I used to have Braum's peppermint ice cream and cranberry bagels(both seasonal) all through the season. I still have 1 package of 6 🥯 every year, but I quit the peppermint ice cream. I've been wondering why, so I had some last night. I've been missing out. I may have one more before the season 's over.