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Throwing myself a mini celebration

I started (for the billionth time) beginning of September. I decided to look back through my stats today and am throwing myself a mini celebration in my office at work. I'm sharing here to help stay accountable! :)

Weight 197.4 to 184.2 = -13.2 lbs
Neck -.5"
Waist -3.0" yessss
Hips -.5"
Muscle mass 62% to 64% = 2% gained
Body fat 45.4 to 43.8 = 1.6% lower

I lost the same weight just over two years ago and then gained it all back, so I'm trying not to get tooo excited....but I'm really proud of myself! 3 1/2 months is the longest I have ever stuck with it.

Current goal is to get under 181.8 which was my lowest weight two years ago....everything under that will be my lowest weight since 2014!


  • AmyDahlTorres
    AmyDahlTorres Posts: 228 Member
    Congratulations on your consistency!! Keeping an eye on the big picture is smart. It's so easy to feel defeated with day to day fluctuations. I'm rooting for you!
  • AnnofB
    AnnofB Posts: 3,589 Member
    Hey, you're doing it! That's great!
  • no1racefan2
    no1racefan2 Posts: 84 Member
    Checking in for accountability--I have gone back up to 187.4 lbs after starting this thread.
    I think there are two things at play:

    1)I've been eating too many snacks and holiday treats over the last couple of weeks. I've logged everything, and it's easy to see that my calories have increased too much. I need to get back on track with my eating habits and ignore the piles of chocolates that clients have been sending to our office.

    2)I've been less intentional with my exercise and activity. This one is hard, because I think it's related to winter. Not only am I reluctant to go outside for walks and such when it's 20 degrees, but I feel my overall motivation level, even to workout indoors, has dropped. I had been getting up early before work and working out every morning and lately it's been a struggle to make myself get out from under the covers.

    What are your best suggestions to get over times like this when progress and motivation have slumped? Every other time I just gave up. I'm here posting this because I am determined to not do that!
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