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Want Friends with Open Diaries

I have always liked stalking my friends’ food diaries, but none of my current friends have public diaries. Add me as a friend so that I can indulge in my hobby?


  • LilRock25
    LilRock25 Posts: 70 Member
    I don't know how to add people but feel free to request me & I'll accept!
  • britty7410
    britty7410 Posts: 1 Member
    Same! Sent you a request. My diary can be viewed by MFP friends.

    If anyone wants to add me (and you also share your food diary with MFP friends), please let me know you came from this thread and I’ll accept your request!
  • wahmx3
    wahmx3 Posts: 633 Member
    Feel free to add me, I'm ready to recommit and log daily, at least most days. It's fun to get ideas from others.
  • apriram
    apriram Posts: 3 Member
    Sent you a request. My food diary is open to MFP friends, and I'm trying to be more consistent with logging this year!
  • cwitvoet
    cwitvoet Posts: 1 Member
    I would love to have some friends with open food diaries. I have been on this app for years but have no friends and I think I lose interest quickly because of that! If you need friends send me a request and tell me you seen this on the forum and I will add you!
  • Beeky_85
    Beeky_85 Posts: 31 Member
    Feel free to add me - I am honest, even if it's a not so on track day.
  • Viridian1539
    Viridian1539 Posts: 181 Member
    Send a request! Always looking for more people to encourage and be encouraged by!
  • CoffeeCastle
    CoffeeCastle Posts: 19 Member
    Mine’s open. Snoop away! I’m always curious what people like to eat. I think it’s so interesting
  • Zinka61
    Zinka61 Posts: 563 Member
    Sending you a FR. I think we learn a lot from our friends' diaries!
  • CoffeeCastle
    CoffeeCastle Posts: 19 Member
    I can’t figure out how to add friends. Add me, anyone who’d like to.
  • Brunette_H
    Brunette_H Posts: 18 Member
    My diary is open too, if anybody wants to add me!
  • Joy_in_the_Simple_Things
    My food diary is open and I welcome new friends!
  • kierasayshi
    kierasayshi Posts: 67 Member
    I'll send you a request. Anyone is also free to add me!
  • lizabellarose1234
    lizabellarose1234 Posts: 11 Member
    I am needing a lot of help with Ideas and things that are Low Calories to Eat - So People Can add me and Ill be Adding People in this thread :)
  • mags8726
    mags8726 Posts: 10 Member
    Mine is open to friends, you’re welcome to add me!
  • drana325
    drana325 Posts: 42 Member
    Go for it. I don’t know what you’ll find interesting in it.
  • zebasschick
    zebasschick Posts: 1,067 Member
    my diary is open to friends, so you can add me if you want, but on tired and overworked days, i live on protein bars and cauliflower, and on other days, i add protein powder, soy beans, yogurt, cottage cheese and small carb snacks, and on weekends there are cookies. chances are no one will get food ideas from my diary LOL