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I need support please

A year has passed now since I "fell off the wagon" ive gained back alot of my weight. (30 lbs) its increasing every week. Despite me trying everyone Monday only to throw it all away that evening. I feel like I'll never get back to a good routine. Has any of you fell off the wagon and struggled for sometime? And found your routine again? I feel lost and alone on this.


  • whimsy38
    whimsy38 Posts: 158 Member
    Most people have had this experience. It's very normal. Here's one way to look at things, you make think trying again is hard and uncomfortable, but you are already miserable, so taking any action in the right direction won't make you feel worse; it can only make you feel better. Don't try to go about getting into a rhythm with an all or nothing mindset. Try to do one thing (at least) better each day. Celebrate each Win! And don't beat yourself up for being normal. Also, remember people in these environments are way more likely to post about success; it doesn't mean your the oddball - you're just braver :)
  • Fitforevermore
    Fitforevermore Posts: 399 Member
    Yep, I'm 30lb up on my best weight, bit I was more before Xmas. Just taking steps forward day by day, and making healthy choices my routine. I know how hard it can feel, but it can only get better with forward movement
  • ms_maruska
    ms_maruska Posts: 119 Member
    If you fell of the wagon that means that you had been on a wagon for some time. So you can do it. The problem is the start of it as it seems to create a lot of pressure for you to do that first Monday perfectly.

    Why not try just monitoring what you eat and how much and put it in the app, just that for a week. Observe and reflect on what you ate and how you felt during that week. Then the next week just eat your maintenance calories, reflect on what foods kept you satiated and when you got really hungry really fast after a meal. Then go into deficit and see how you feel, and then revise the deficit if it's too low or not low enough.

    You don't need to do anything fast and nothing needs to be perfect. Your work will add up and you will lose weight like you did before.
  • CastleOfIce
    CastleOfIce Posts: 44 Member
    I'm also getting back on the wagon, sent you a friend request.
  • emmamcgarity
    emmamcgarity Posts: 1,594 Member
    My best advice is to not look at this journey as “pass or fail”. Use MyFitnessPal as a way to track data. Track everything you eat (even if over calories). Can’t remember everything you ate? Track to the best of your memory. If you have a higher calorie meal than planned, simply eat whatever you had planned at the next mealtime. I’ve found that tracking on days where I’m over my calorie goal has helped me take the emotion out of my food choices.

    Remember, there’s nothing magical about starting on Mondays. Start now by tracking the last thing you ate. Tracking can be empowering as it’s something in your control. Track first, then look for ways to improve your diet in small ways after you have more data from tracking.

    I realize that what I’m suggesting sounds simple but feels hard at the same time. Good luck!