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Help! What has worked for complex issues?

Jenniferg693 Posts: 1 Member

I have several autoimmune issues which contribute to daily problems with feeling "unwell" and low energy. I have issues with absorption of all vitamin B, D, and other vitamins which provide energy. I have 0 appetite but am in the age range for menopause and the weight is piling on. I am attempting to increase my physical activity while still supplying my body with the essential vitamins and nutrients in order to feel normal. This is incredibly hard, since I used to be an athlete. I have serious responses to gluten and soy products, which greatly limits my options. If you have a secret weapon in your arsenal which can combat these issues, while still losing weight? and maintaining your sanity? I would love to hear from you.


  • CastleOfIce
    CastleOfIce Posts: 44 Member
    edited January 19
    I have psoriasis (not sure which autoimmune conditions you're dealing with). My regimen is a low-fat mostly clean (very few processed foods) plant based diet with quite a few supplements:
    1. Vegan Omega-3 Supplement
    2. Vegan B12/D3/Iron/Iodine Supplement
    3. (starting now) Probiotic (60b CFU) + Prebiotic supplement
    4. (starting now) Vegan protein powder in my morning oatmeal
    5. (starting now) Glucosamine + MSM supplement
    I've gone from 55% coverage & low energy to 7% coverage but it's taken years and a lot of elimination & experimentation.