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Accountability/Support for us in their 30s.

Hey all. 30F. Looking to lose 15-25 pounds but my biggest goal is maintaining my nutrition. I don't eat too bad but I do lack motivation to stay on top of the healthy stuff. Trying to heal my body through food from an autoimmune issue which has caused more stress in the food department. Would love some others to DM with daily/weekly for check ins and to just boost morale and help to keep each other motivated on this journey. If you have a positive mindset and are looking for same, feel free to message me and mention this thread or drop what your goals are below 👇


  • CastleOfIce
    CastleOfIce Posts: 44 Member
    36M, looking to lose about 140 more lbs, down 80 lbs so far. I also have an autoimmune condition (psoriasis) and food can be one of its biggest triggers. Also looking to quit smoking this year, feel free to add me if you want to.