Colonoscopy prep - low fiber diet

This is a very temporary “problem” but I have a colonoscopy a week from tomorrow and have to start the low-fiber diet, so pretty much no fruit or veggies, legumes, nuts, seed, popcorn.

The “problem” is most of my diet is pairing a protein with veggies, legumes, etc. My snacks are fruit, veggies, nuts, edamame, popcorn.

I’m a volume eater so I bulk up my meals with veggies, I don’t have a problem just cutting this stuff for one week (colonoscopy is more important), but I’m worried I’m going to be hungry without all the volume.

Any thoughts or advice? And like I said, not a big deal, just a week, but I’d love to have some ideas of what others have done.


  • AnnPT77
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    I've had multiple colonoscopies, but don't recall being asked to limit fiber for a whole week. That's interesting. I think the prep for mine was just a couple of days of dietary change, though that's relying on failing memory.

    If volume is the issue, would low-fiber soups help, or other things that are big from mostly liquid?

    I think there may also be some things in the volume eaters thread that aren't fiber-heavy, like some of the protein fluff versions, maybe? (Not sure. And protein fluff sounds disgusting to me. But maybe there's something in there.)

    I wish I had more ideas for you . . . .
  • mtaratoot
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    Cheese? High calorie, but fat plus protein can mean satiety. Lowfat cottage cheese reduces the calories but keeps the protein.

    White rice?

    Bacon omelet?

  • Retroguy2000
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    IIRC I was asked to go low fiber from about five days out, so basically all I changed was cutting out my near daily oatmeal and it was fine.

    Here's a tip for you. Start the prep on the day before earlier than they suggest. If you can get yourself cleared out before bed time you can hopefully get a decent sleep. I started my prep at the recommended time around 7pm and it was not going nearly as fast as it should have, which led to an awful night.

    The exam itself was a snooze, literally. I have to take their word for it that they actually did anything (all clear, they said).
  • COGypsy
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    My sister had to do the same week long prep a month or so ago. It seems to be the new protocol. She ate a lot of eggs, pasta, and cheese. Don’t forget no red food either!
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    My husband too had it some months ago: no fibers (so no legumes and fruit too), and also no cheese/dairy and no spices and no many other things. We ate refined pasta (without tomatoes ecc...) and canned tuna for a week (rice was "better no"). No hunger because of giant doses of pasta, but really boring, everything was prohibited :-1:
  • Melwillbehealthy
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    I’ve only had one colonoscopy,and wasn’t asked to change my diet. All I had to do was drink something prescribed by my doctor a day before.
  • glassyo
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    I like to think of the procedure as a power nap :)

    I've had 2 and did low fiber for 3 days and then the liquid diet the day before. There are lots of webpages outlining what you can eat on a low fiber/low residue diet but one stands out that had cheesecake on it :)

    But I kept my fiber down to about 10-13 g for those 3 days since I was also already eating low fiber because of my UC.

    You can still eat fruits and vegetables...not just the high fibery ones. No fruits with peels or seeds and veggies should be steamed or cooked.

    I know that may or not help with satiety but it's really not that bad. I think the best way to eat is the BRAT diet since it's easy on your digestive system. You could also fill your stomach by drinking a little more maybe?

    If this is your first, the worst part isn't going to be if you're hungry for a few days. It's going to be the night before when you're going through the prep :)
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    Thanks so much, everyone!
  • xbowhunter
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    I’ve only had one colonoscopy,and wasn’t asked to change my diet. All I had to do was drink something prescribed by my doctor a day before.