Vegans, and protien.

What do you eat that gives your allotted amount of protien without going way over on calories?


  • beans and nuts
  • kelliehaley
    kelliehaley Posts: 9 Member
    Tofu and tempeh.
  • SarahFrankel
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    Beans, nuts, peanut butter, tofu, and there is protein in vegetables that adds up if you eat a lot of them like I do. Also non-dairy yogurt and milk gives you some too.
  • Fairysoul
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    I guess I thought nuts had more calories... But it's actually not too bad if you eat a lot of veggies!
  • whole chickpeas and hummus are two of my go-to protein packed foods. Also, quinoa has a ton of protein in it and is yummy with veggies mixed in or sweetened a bit for breakfast time.
  • Missylydia
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    Tofu and lentils pretty much. For me, I feel that nuts have way too high a number of calories for the amount of protein that's in them! Good snack in moderation but they don't fill me up!
    Also, soya protein powder shakes. :)
  • fteale
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    Tofu, beans, humous, fat free soy milk, food doctor seeded pitta breads have about 9g of protein each, and spelt and kamut even more.

    I am vegetarian, so I do eat yoghurt and quorn as well, but most of my protein is from vegan sources.
  • Broccoli has more protein per calorie than beef. So does kale. Just don't up the calories too much by adding oil/fat.

    Seitan is good for protein. Gardein has some high protein foods that you can look into.

    The main place where I see my calories jump is if I'm going heavy on the grains or sweets/desserts instead of focusing on vegetables, fruits, legumes, etc. I've been vegan for 10 years and I don't seem to have a problem with over-consumption of calories or under-consumption of protein.
  • ohiogirl30
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    you would be surprised the amount of protein in veggies! Check a broccoli label once!!! Oh.. and look at vegetable protein, its water based which makes it easier for your body to metabolize and excrete. Your kidneys would hug you if you gave them more vegetable protein than animal protein!
  • bumping because there is good info here! thank you all!
  • Whole wheat breads and tempeh have been a big help to me.
  • voluptuous_veggie
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    My main source is beans. I also use various nut butters as well...about 1-2 tablespoons a couple times a week as well.
  • live2dream
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    vegan plant protein powder w/almond milk
    (Vega, Lifes Basics, Garden of Life, etc... I mix it up otherwise I get bored)
  • Kristhin
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    Its pretty easy to meet the goal.
    Today I ate an apple and granola ceral with unsweetened organic soy milk. Then for dinner I'm having some nutritional yeast "cheese" dip with some garlic and rosemary bread. I'm right around my recommended protein for the day.