Kg to stone and lb

Hi. Hoping someone may be able to help? My scales are stating one measurement in kg and then because I'm old school I like to see it in stone and lb. Why would this fluctuate so much from what the calculation actually is?
My kg suggests 14.7st and if I convert on the scales it says 14.10.. very confusing.


  • claireychn074
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    I think - I might not explain this very well - it’s because 0.7 of a stone is 10 pounds rounded up i.e. some converters give you the percentage of a stone not the pounds.

    So 14 lbs in a stone: 14/7 (ie the percentage from the KG conversion) is 10lbs.

    To illustrate this: 140/14 = 10 (ie 10 stone)
    147/14 = 10.5 (ie 10 and a half stone, which is actually 10 stone 7lbs)

    I’ve probably confused everyone.
  • middlehaitch
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    Perfectly stated @claireychn074.
    I remember when first in Canada and I was 105 lbs or 7.5 st and I thought the scale was wrong because I was 7 st 7 lbs. or 7 1/2 st.
    Took a while for me to realise it was percentages.

    Cheers, h.