Is premium worth the money

I was wondering if I should get premium, does it help more than the free version? Thankyou


  • yirara
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    Help in what way? You still need to lose the weight yourself, or whatever your goal is. Why not start out with the free version and see if there's something you're missing. With Premium logging won't really be easier, and you'd use the same database.
  • ballardf
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    I had premium. Didn't see any difference
  • MargaretYakoda
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    I used to use a wonderful free app called Spark People. There was a subscription option, which I used because it had a few nice features. It was $5 a month which I could afford.
    Not enough people subscribed and the app was forced to shut down.
    Many of us switched to MFP. A lot of us are still active here.

    Anyway, I pay for premium because I am in a position to afford it, and I don’t want to lose MFP.

    Something to consider.
  • cmriverside
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    Anyway, I pay for premium because I am in a position to afford it, and I don’t want to lose MFP.

    ugh. That would be really sad to lose myfitnesspal. I worry about its relevance and difficulty to navigate the database.

    I use the free version. I'm not willing to pay the price they ask with the features that are so difficult. If the database was cleaned up in some way that made foods entered by admin easier to find, I might have paid years ago. Now I've been using it so long I've learned all the tricks. :wink:

    *edit to say, I taught myself all the tricks. There are ways to workaround almost anything, so @razzasamsung2445 if you state your specific issues we can always help.
  • springlering62
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    I lost all my weight using the free version.

    I upgraded, because as @MargaretYakoda says, I’d be lost without it, and folks gotta have an income.

    That said, I’m hearing reports- ironically from @MargaretYakoda - that some of the weight loss clickbait we poke fun at on another thread is now showing up in the free MFP feed.

    I sincerely wish they had control over the ads that get thrown in their feed, because that one is totally inappropriate, and leads to grossly unethical and unattainable weight loss expectations to get attention.

    Anyway, I’m paid now, but husband and another family member are still rocking it with the free version.
  • Tinkerbell203
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    I love the Premium app. So much easier to use with no distractions!
  • wallingjulie97
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    I am on a 30 day free trial of the Premium…haven’t seen a lot of difference but thought it was worth the shot since it’s free. At the end of the month I’ll cancel and see if I miss it
  • Hobartlemagne
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    Ive been on the free version for 10 yrs. I miss the bar code scanner, but with practice you learn all of MFP's quirks. Of course it needs work, but its still very useful.