Balance Balls as chairs??

I am contemplating bringing a balancing ball in to my classroom. I don't usually sit all day but today has been on off day and I have found myself sitting all day!! MY butt and back are uncomfortable.. Has anyone used a balance ball as a chair?? Has been effective??




  • I use a balance ball and sit quite a bit thorughut the day currently. I do notice that my core seems a great deal stronger since starting that as a habit.
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    You can use a balance ball as a chair, but be aware that you will be using your fine control core muscles to keep it balanced for any length of time. You might want to alternate the sitting on the ball with some standing or something, if your core muscles aren't used to being used in that way all the time.
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  • I use a balance ball and sit quite a bit thorughut the day currently. I do notice that my core seems a great deal stronger since starting that as a habit.

    Ima try this...
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    I use one. Most of my office does as well. I have a regular chair at my desk, too, but it rarely gets used. I prefer the helps my back a great deal.
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    I don't currently, but plan to start. Just gotta find one big enough for my butt and sturdy enough to handle me sitting on it all day!! :laugh:
  • I haven't used on myself, but I have read lots of articles that say they are great for your back and core. Also, I just read a story in the newspaper where a classroom uses them for their students with ADHD and other learning issues. Having to balance on the ball (and being able to bounce on it) keeps the distracted part of their brain busy so they can focus better. Who knew? :ohwell:
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    I wanted to bring one in and use it at work but our HR department said no... Something about liability issues :(
  • I used one at college and loved it! It helped a lot with my posture, knee pain, and back pain. I need to remind my husband that we need a new one!
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    I tried using it in place of my pc chair...I got what I can only describe as travel sickness! To be fair I suffer badly with motion sickness anyway, the only way I can travel without feeling like honking is by motorbike.

    I can sit on it and chat, chill etc without much of a problem but working at the pc had me ill in 5 minutes
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    thanks for posting this, it has inspired me to start using mine

    i sit most of the day at the office and i have one at my desk, i have not been using it regularly but i am resolving to change that right now!

    the couple times i have used it i have felt it after a couple hours.

    I am going to make a plan with a build up to using it all day.
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    What a great idea. I wouldn't have thought of this. I sit all day at my computer for my job. I will start trying this on Monday and we shall see how it works for me. I have HORRIBLE balance so this could be pretty funny but good at the same time. Thanks again!
  • I used to use one and loved it! Thanks for reminding me this exists. If you're nervous using it all day, know that some companies now make a non-slip ring you can put at the base of the ball to stabilize it- turns it into a regular backless chair- for when your abs get tired.
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    It certainly won't hurt to try it, but I would imagine the effects would be modest at best. Once you initially adapt to the different conditions, there is not enough stimulus/load--however you want to describe it--to result in steady or significant improvement. It's the same reason the claims about the "toning" shoes were bogus.

    For some people with certain orthopedic concerns, the modest adaptation, and the need to sit more upright on a balance ball might result in some noticeable improvement, so I would not discourage anyone from trying it. I just wouldn't expect much in the way of "core training".
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    I just just bought one this morning. very nice - better than the chair IMO!
  • Thanks everyone I found all your posts very helpful!! Looks like I am bringing mine out of storage!! =]