Merry Christmas Chellenge: 10/6-10/9 WEIGH-IN!

Updated Chart, This is the week to make your goals! You all are doing so amazing, I know you can all do it! As a reminder the next page will not be posted until Oct 10th at night since I am going to NYC with acouple of girlfriends from work. I cannot wait!


And the link to the bigger page:


  • cklbrown
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    Thanks so much. Enjoy the city!
  • iishnova
    iishnova Posts: 259 Member
    I love NYC! Have fun! Thanks for the chart.
  • shydaisi
    shydaisi Posts: 833 Member
    Great job everyone!
  • jellybean1971
    jellybean1971 Posts: 417 Member
    Thanks for the new chart, Have fun in the city
  • chiliflea
    chiliflea Posts: 695 Member
    Thanks for the chart Felisha! Have fun in NYC!

    Hoping next week will show a loss again.... It's so frustrating this lose/gain cycle I seem to be on....

    Well done to everyone!
  • dewpetals
    dewpetals Posts: 68 Member
    ACK! I just realized I missed the weigh in! I didn't lose anyway, but I will weigh this week. Sorry!
  • jellyfishjen
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    This week for me, is taking one day at a time and winning. Win the calorie count and sweat it on the exercise. :tongue:
  • penny_eclipse
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    Have an amazing time in NYC! I'd much prefer to be there than here!
  • moxleymama6
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  • welloiledmachine
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    Enjoy your time in NY, Falisha. We can do this you guys. Stay focused, train hard and expect results.
  • Jami22
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  • amyd03
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  • Net132
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    :drinker: Falisha, thanks for all you do,Have fun!:drinker:
  • peanut613
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    Awesome job ladies! Falisha, thank you so much and enjoy NYC! I'll be sitting here, VERY jealous!!!
  • 321blueeyes
    321blueeyes Posts: 280 Member
    :happy: made the top loser list for lbs this week :happy:
  • karenleona
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    princesschick- great advice on the last post....i think i will use the 100 calories for every 30 min cardio......i have always thought that the machines and MFp were too generous with the calories but did not know what to do about it....a HRM is on my wish list......along with a bike to ride on the road, new shoes for the gym How can i enter that on the exercise page when MFP automatically puts in a number??
    Have a great time Falisha! i would love to be going anywhere!!!
  • MoonMyst3
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    How can i enter that on the exercise page when MFP automatically puts in a number??

    You just click on the box, delete MFP's numbers and enter your own. :smile:

    Great job everyone! Thanks for the new chart Falisha and enjoy your time in NYC!!
  • KnottyJen
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    Bumpity Bump!
  • Would love to join you!!! Have a super time.

    Thanks once again for the chart... Keep meaning to ask, how many challenges have you organised before? You're doing a fab job!
  • Eliza1980
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    Have a great time NYC! Went once before and would love to go again someday, it's really pretty this time of year too!