Did something great but can't celebrate . . .

I'm having a hard time celebrating something I was able to accomplish and now I'm looking for support. Yesterday I ran in my second half marathon in the span of 3 months, but with each race I didn't finish in the time I wanted and so I feel like it wasn't good enough-that I didn't push myself hard enough. I took ten minutes off my time from my first marathon, and was only eight minutes off my goal time. I think that is what I struggle with, being so close but yet so far. Maybe I could have pushed myself harder. I don't know why I can feel so disappointed in myself when I have done something so great?


  • Luandanielle1979
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    You ran the race and completed it. Be proud xxxxx
  • staps065
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    Sounds like a great accomplishment to me! Be proud!
  • inotnew
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    you seem to be really hard on yourself. It's great to have high expectations, but realize what you HAVE done. You Should be PROUD of yourself. progress made!
  • You need to learn hot NOT to be so hard on yourself. You finished - that's great !!!!
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!!
  • wbgolden
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    Let's try this again, but stop typing the subject line at "great" then fill in the body of the post with how awesome you are. :)
  • GouchisGirl
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    You finished and cut off time as well, that is a SUPER accomplishment. :)
  • iamhealingmyself
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    How about setting two goals? One that you'd really like to reach but one that seems to more in the area you've been hitting so that you can feel like you accomplished something? Maybe your goal time could be a long term goal and the 2nd could be a short term goal - like you said shaving 8 minutes off last goal. Each race you run and finish faster gets you closer to your overall goal but you have to appreciate the journey not just the destination.

    Congratulations for even being able to run - never mind marathons!
  • JoDeeD
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    Not only did you finish but you cut 10 minutes off! That is amazing. Your next 1/2 marathon will meet your goal. Just keep at it. Congrats!
  • LolasEpicJourney
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    A) You ran NOT ONE - BUT TWO!!! Half marathons.
    B) You beat pants off of everyone who didnt run

    I wish I could run 5k let alone a half marathon!! You shaved time off - who cares if it wasnt as much as you wanted - you are getting there! Dont be too hard on yourself - you are accomplishing so much!
  • Let me get this straight, you've completed 2 half-marahons, bettered your time each race, actually had the motivation to try in the first place, and all this is not good enough??? So you didn't get the time you wanted this race, you've completed quite alot and done more than most people! Celebrate your successes, keep reaching for your goals, and don't be so hard on yourself. Give yourself a big pat on the back, you've earned it! :bigsmile: :happy:
  • kathryn2bfit
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    Thanks for the support, you guys are awesome! I am feeling better about what I was able to do. I wish I didn't get so down on myself. It's just hard to know you can reach a goal but then not quite get there. I can say I'm a half marathoner, who else can say that!
  • I can say I'm a half marathoner, who else can say that!

    I know I can't! I can't even run, I just plod along. :laugh: It can be really hard to break the habit of being so self-critical. I've been there. Just try to remember to remind yourself of the positive twice as much as you think about the negative.
  • allie864
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    You are your own worst enemy (I'm the same way) but please, don't be so hard on yourself! What you did is nothing short of amazing! You're awesome and be proud of it! :)