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Support Needed!

Adina81 Posts: 252 Member
I've been on and off on using the phone app that comes along with this web site and I like it.

I NEED some motivation! Or a challenge! or just someone to kick my butt about keeping up with this stuff.
I've recently been engaged and I want to get back to a comfortable me...

I am currently 192lbs from a beautiful hard earned 150lb that started off at 180lbs.

I love working out... I feel awesome after a good session. The pain afterwards is a reassurance I worked off some good steam.
Eating... Ya. I like processed foods. I am all about quick/easy and tasteful... slowly making an effort to get back in the habit of cooking my meals for dinner time instead of reaching for that ego waffle in the freezer.

Dedicated Nagger?!


  • msmileyface
    msmileyface Posts: 76 Member
    I'm with you! I lost a bunch of weight for my wedding only to gain it all (and then some) back!

    As for suggestions.. I have a few things that have helped me. First I found other foods I like that aren't unhealthy, that are also quick to prepare. I have the advantage of being a Pampered Chef consultant so I have a lot of their products, some of which make cooking a bit quicker (i.e. making healthy dinners in the microwave = fast!). Also I picked up the book "The New Abs Diet for Women." It's not really a diet.. it's a guideline for eating healthy foods. I am finding it ridiculously easy to follow, and I'm never hungry. You can probably google that, too, and find about about it.

    Also, we got a Kinect for our XBox 360. It's a motion sensor and there are great games you can get. This has made working out really fun for me. Also, I have restricted my unnecessary spending (something I needed to do anyway!) by paying myself spending money ONLY when I work out. I get $5 for each workout. I have to workout every day to be able to get things I want.. craft supplies, new clothes (unless totally necessary), shoes, etc!

    Hope that helps.

    :) Meredith
  • raqattack8
    Hey there,

    I am the same. I got up to a large 89 kg = 196 lbs, that is really big when I am only 5 1" then I lost 30 lbs but all of the sudden I got back to my old routine, skipping breakfast, eating more fast food and lots of it but this Monday I just returned from 3 weeks holidays and we moved into a new office. I bought myself a few new uniforms and decided it was going to be another fresh start. I know it's not a DIEt but more a life style change but my problem is consistency. I hope that your journey goes well as I need the support too.

    Good Luck Raquel