GI index after a walk

so I checked my blood sugar which also was fasting at 106, after an hour of walking and stretching I checked the blood sugar again it was now 116.

I wonder if I am too big and therefore putting too much stress on my body with the workout...the lazy maharani wants to chilllll rather than exercise....I struggle as well with body pains...

I'm a type 2 diabetic taking medicines for it since the last 6 years, I'm on a paleo kinda atkins which has brought the sugar levels into normal range....


  • exercise normally raises blood sugar. I believe the traditional remedy for this problem was a little extra insulin or glucophage (or whatever Diabetes med you're on) before exercise.
  • That is normal. Intense exercise can actually increase your blood glucose levels. This is especially true for many people with diabetes. The body recognizes intense exercise as a stress and releases stress hormones that tell your body to increase available blood sugar to fuel your muscles. If this happens to you, you may need a little bit of insulin after intense workouts.Your level of 116 is not particularly high, but check with your doc. He/she could best advise you since they know your medical history and/or medications you are taking.
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    It is normal in my experience. I tested at 101, did Zumba gold (60 minutes), then tested within the half hour and read 140. My blood sugar always return to normal in a reasonable amount of time so I don't take any additional insulin. My bgl's for the rest of the day are always great... Hope this helps. If you are concerned, talk to your diabetes counselor.
  • Have the glucophage before the walk...will ask the doctor what he thinks. Thanks Mary_Kate
  • Thanks for your feed back grannygethealthy, yes I figured the body was reacting to stress it was undergoing. Should chat with my doctor about it though he is pro traditional medicine
  • Thanks for your feedback talrcat I am just paying attention to my body so curious. Your feedback is good.