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Trader Joe's: What's your favorites from them?

I just realized we had a Trader Joe's where I live. Just wanted some tips on what good from there.


  • melsinct
    melsinct Posts: 3,512 Member
    Peanut butter filled pretzels! Probably not the answer you were looking for :tongue:
  • fitaliciag
    I just discovered one myself. I love their organic bread :-)
  • GorillaNJ
    GorillaNJ Posts: 4,048 Member
    Two buck chuck... always have a case of that in my house!
  • Lucylaser
    Lucylaser Posts: 94 Member
    That place is my favorite to shop at. Here are a couple of my staples:

    Cheap Greek Yogurt
    Frozen Edamame in the pod
    Lite Shredded Cheese
    Stevia packets in bulk
    Reduced Carb Whole Wheat Tortillas
    Cheap coffee
    Protein Bars
    Frozen Boreal Blueberries
  • 500lbs2marathon
    500lbs2marathon Posts: 542 Member
    I love me some Trader Joes!

    Country Pumpkin Spice Granola is a new favorite
  • leomom72
    leomom72 Posts: 1,797 Member
  • ilookthetype
    ilookthetype Posts: 3,021 Member
    Chocolate Hemp Protein powder...mmmm and their mochi.
  • SLT6076
    Mediterranean hummus, Greek yogurt, any of the soups... :)

    On the slightly less healthy but a good treat side: 100 cal dark chocolate bars or dark chocolate edamame (10 nuts = 50 calories!)
  • trybefan
    trybefan Posts: 488 Member
    Anything and everything! I wish we had one where I live.
  • TinaDay1114
    TinaDay1114 Posts: 1,328 Member
    EVERYTHING!! :laugh:

    We love their grilled chicken (ready to eat, in a package -- basalmic, and lemon pepper). Way healthier than those Perdue ready cut things, and so much tastier!

    I also love their produce...mmmmmm...

    They also have great refrigerated pizza dough -- about $1 for each, and they are DELICIOUS.

    I have a special fondness for their Almond "WindMill" cookies, too....
  • AmyRhubarb
    AmyRhubarb Posts: 6,890 Member
    Almond butter, their brand of Pop Chips (same thing but cheaper!), Mediterranean Cream Hummus, Chocolaty Cat Cookies (I know it sounds like a cat treat, but it's not!), their Greek yogurt is my all time favorite, so is their cottage cheese, great wine section, juices - I could go on! :) Love Trader Joe's!
  • SyntonicGarden
    SyntonicGarden Posts: 944 Member
    Gluten-free brown rice pasta, Joe's O's cereal, and the Indian food MREs in the foil packages that go for about $2 each. Their pumpkin ice cream is AMAZING too. ;)

    The bags of end pieces of the fruit roll-ups are great when you just need a little bit of sweet.
  • Niraya
    Niraya Posts: 2 Member
    Everything... great and cheap veggies & fruits.

    They have good frozen food too. My favorites are:

    Vegetable Medley they have a butter sauce (but is not crazy in calories or fat)


    Reduce Guilt Mac & Cheese.

    They have a couple of more things of Reduce Guilt and I really like them.

    Have never tried the pretzel peanut butter but they have a light peanut butter that is very good.
  • byHISstrength
    byHISstrength Posts: 984 Member
    Because I have to plan for going to Trader Joe's I actually keep a list of things on my cell phone, so when I go I don't forget. I get:

    British whole wheat muffins
    Frozen chicken tenderloins
    Roasted Plantain Chips
    Fire Roasted corn kernels
    Raw nuts--almonds, cashews, pecans
    Shelled edamane
    Latin-style Black Bean Soup (in a box)
    Carrot Ginger (in a box)
    Pumpkin puree
    Chicken Cilantro mini dumplings
  • LaSweetMini
    LaSweetMini Posts: 157 Member
    99 cent greek yogurt
    Organic string cheese
    Organic polenta
    Curry Simmer sauce
    Reduced guilt Mac and cheese
    Designer Whey protein
  • findingfit23
    findingfit23 Posts: 846 Member
    I love thier cilantro salad dressing, frozen dark cherries, frozen marinated mahi mahi and tuna steaks, they have this bowl of chopped veggies that is great for salad toppings, yogurt, and almond milk.
  • MzMiller1215
    MzMiller1215 Posts: 633 Member
    Their turkey bacon is the BEST!!
  • Stephie2301
    Stephie2301 Posts: 2 Member
    The apple almond stuffed pork chops and mediteranian chicken stuffed with feta cheese and black olives are really good.
  • TigerBlood72
    TigerBlood72 Posts: 88 Member
    Wow, thanks for all these ideas. I was surprised how reasonably priced a lot of their stuff was... compared to Whole Foods. I got several organic vege's and fruits for the less than non organic would of cost at normal stores. I was really impressed by my first visit. So many thing I wanted to try... so thanks for the help.