Gross! I hate myself today!

I took the Children's Church roller skating today and we went to eat at a Chinese buffet. I ate around 2,500-3,000 calories as a rough estimate! I am so mad at myself.


  • There's nothing you can do now except not do it again! Get back to business right away and LET IT GO!! Drink plenty of water tomorrow! :glasses:
  • splashwags
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    Its one day... Don't beat yourself up too bad...As Scarlett would say "tomorrow is another day!"
  • It happens. Drink some extra water, and start over tomorrow. It's all good!
  • AnninStPaul
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    I'm with you...had a doughnut and danish at a meeting this morning and pizza for dinner...a workout is calling but I don't know that I can offset the entire overage...

    Tomorrow is another day.
  • Amazingday
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    What's done is done! Do some cardio and put it in the past!

  • Yup.. been there done that.. but today is today .. and tomorrow is another day to get back on the proverbial wagon. Hugs.
  • Learn from the past, and stop wallowing in your guilt and misery. It is counterproductive. Learn from your mistake, and move on.
  • I can understand your feelings, but...1)Did you enjoy your outing with the Children's Church? 2)Were you a good example to them in your words and actions? 3)Does overindulging really matter that much in light of your ministry? 4)Remember tomorrow is a new better then! :D

    Ps. This is meant to be an encouragement. :D
  • Goal_Seeker_1988
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    Tomorrow is a new day, don't feel bad, today I ate pizza, mcdonalds, chocloate and the only healthy thing i ate was a banana. ate around 2000 calories in pure junk!
  • PJFaber
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    Hey if you were roller skating great. You and some kids had some fun. Don't beat yourself over it. Tomorrow is a new day. One bad day cannot and will not ruin your life.
  • sc1572
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    This weekend I did the same thing but with junk food at a friend's...tomorrow is a new day!
  • Hope228
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    Sometimes you have to let yourself slide.

    Start fresh tomorrow. :-)
  • aimes8
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    Dont hate yourself love yourself enough to make better choices tomorrow. Hang in there!
  • I know exactly how you feel. We do so good and feel great and it takes one event or one meal where we go overboard and all of a sudden it feels as if we took 10 steps backwards. We always have tomorrow to make up for today. So don't beat yourself up too much, lets just agree to start over tomorrow and no longer make today a big factor. We can't change what we did, we can only try not to do it again. I'm ready to start over tomorrow full force. I've been doing poorly for about three or more days and its taking everything in me to get back on track but I know I have no choice it has to be done because I refuse to keep getting bigger. Good luck and don't give up on self.
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    And it isn't the end of the world. Dust yourself off and get back into it tomorrow... Don't worry, we STILL support you! :bigsmile:
  • Shannonigans84
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    I plan on hitting up the chinese buffet next weekend and I don't feel bad at all! Accepting that I won't have a perfect diet everyday and allowing myself to splurge once in a great while keeps me sane. Try not to feel too bad! :smile:
  • LisaDunn01
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    I used to struggle with eating disorders and self-image issues as a teenager and through various points in my adult life. So, I understand overindulgence and hating myself as a result... It's not easy but the more you can let go and not stress out about not being perfect, the better it gets. I eat extremely healthy most of the time. However, last weekend I went on a weekend getaway and knew I would be indulging. I gave myself permission. I didn't stress out. I got a few stomach aches as a result of my indulgences! But, I got home and back on the bandwagon with my diet and exercise and it was all WORTH IT. :-)
  • chris6515
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    Dont hate yourself love yourself enough to make better choices tomorrow. Hang in there!

    Well said. Great advice. I'm going to remember it when I slide.
  • carebear7951
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    I was totally shocked when I came home from what I *thought* was a reasonable trip to the Chinese buffet with my family (tried to be really careful!) and started entering my foods....shocked and disgusted! I can't believe how many calories those foods have. :/

    I totally agree with all of the other posters: let it go and move past. Start again tomorrow and stay away from those places. (For me, I decided if I was going to blow it that wasn't worth it and I'd go for pizza. LOL)