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What kind of daily vitamin do you take???

So I try and take a combination of vitamins. Everyday I take a hair,skin, and nails vitAmin and a calcium/vitamin D as well. And every other day/ every 3 days I take the Womens One A Day metabolism support multivitamin. But the thing is every time I take the One A Day vitamin I get nauseated for about 30 mins after I take it so that's why i take it every other/ ever 3 days. An no I'm not perfect, sometimes I forget to take a vitamin at all. Does anyone else get sick when they take vitamins? Or do you think its maybe justthe brand? What vitamins/supplements do you take or recommend?


  • nomorewishing
    nomorewishing Posts: 250 Member
    I take Vitamin A, Zinc and Biotin. They only make me sick if I don't eat before I take them
  • fromaquasar
    fromaquasar Posts: 811 Member
    I'm a vegetarian so I take an iron and vitamin C supplement (Vit C helps you absorb iron) I don't take anything else and my check ups with the dr. show I am not lacking in anything :)
  • Banrion
    Banrion Posts: 157 Member
    Wow, I am lazy I just take a Women's One a Day every single morning.
  • LeslieJK
    I take a one-a-day and then I take potassium, magnesium and 2 times a week I take iron. I was having bad charlie horse and the Doctor suggested taking everything over the one-a-day. It seems to be helping. I most likely will stop taking everything but the one-a-day in a few weeks. But those are what I am taking now. I also use Emergen-C 1000 mg immunity. It is a powder you mix with 4oz water or oj or any other juice. I use that to help with staying healthy.
  • Kslice39
    Kslice39 Posts: 146
    I LOVE the Emergen-C!!! That stuff kicks cold/ flu butt!!!