Will you lose weight

if you eat your exercise calories?


  • Contrarian
    Contrarian Posts: 8,138 Member
    Yes, because MFP has already factored in a calorie deficit.
  • Kassielin13
    I do!!!
  • Mynue_Jeens
    Mynue_Jeens Posts: 98 Member
    Yes. As long as you are in a calorie deficit you will lose weight. In fact it's recommended that you eat them because your body will need the extra fuel.
  • jhardenbergh
    jhardenbergh Posts: 1,035 Member
    people have different views on this, I have only eaten back mine two or three times since I started in January, but it definately depends on the person. I feel like it works for me better when I don't, but then you'll have people tell you it's totally unhealthy not to. My suggestion is try a week or two with eating them back then a week or two without eating them back, but don't starve yourself.
  • Angel1066
    Angel1066 Posts: 816 Member
    Well i eat my exercise calories back and it working for me.
  • sheisbrown
    sheisbrown Posts: 171 Member
    I think everyone is different. I only eat about half my exercise calories and I am still losing.
  • chubiD
    chubiD Posts: 260
    yes, yes you will! I've been doing that for 2 months and I swear it worked
  • candicole007
    candicole007 Posts: 120 Member
    I do :)
  • maidentl
    maidentl Posts: 3,203 Member
    You should, yes. MFP creates a deficit based on your non-exercise activity level. Then if you exercise, you only widen that deficit, so eating the calories back will still leave you burning more than you take in.
  • Thomasm198
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    This is up in the top 10 of most debated topics on MFP.

    Some say yes, some say no, some say eat some of them.

    I always eat my exercise calories. It didn't stop me from losing weight. :smile:
  • mallorybriann
    mallorybriann Posts: 1,380 Member
    I've lost 70 lbs eating them all (or a majority of them)...
  • chickenpoppa
    chickenpoppa Posts: 207 Member
    Well i eat my exercise calories back and it working for me.

  • sweetie89207
    just do it...dont ask questions just do it...its good for u and as long as the food u eat is protein and fiber and appropriate carbs and not a lot of sugars -EAT IT
  • peggyalex
    peggyalex Posts: 174 Member
    I think it depends on the person. If I eat back my calories I gain every time! ;(
  • HMonsterX
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    The main thing is to make sure you actually know how many calories you burnt. Otherwise you may end up eating back far more than you actually burned.
  • healthyliving_girl
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    I would say that I work out in order to eat the exercise calories.

    My calorie allotment is 1600/day....and I burn roughly 400-800 calories on my workout days; so I can eat between 2000-2300 on days I work out. Some days I don't eat them all, but most days I eat at least 1/2 of them (if not all). The days I don't work out, I have a hard time staying under the 1600...unless I eat tons of salad. haha

    I've been doing that the entire time I've been doing MFP.

    I've lost 24 lbs in a little over 3 months.

    Works for me. :)
  • woo1324
    woo1324 Posts: 168 Member
    My personal view is do whats right for you in the day your in not everybody is the same and not everyday is the same

    listern to your body if you put in a big workout and burn 500 cals for example and after you start to feel hungry then eat till you are satisfied but not stuffed

    if after your work out you dont feel hungry then dont eat just listern to your body clearly if you are feeling hungry if you are dizzy or feeling unwell and havent eaten much then feed yourself
  • MrsJackieH
    MrsJackieH Posts: 151 Member
    Im glad someone else asked this, because i just started with this and was wondering the same thing!
  • kristelpoole
    kristelpoole Posts: 440 Member
    My opinion after doing this for a while: Yes, unless you're really not hungry, but never eating less than 1200 calories. That's just silly.
  • fastbelly
    fastbelly Posts: 727 Member
    It works for me, do what works for you!