Reducing cup size

I currently weight 141 and my goal is to loose weight on stomach and reduce bust size (by two cup sizes). Can anyone tell me if it is possible by loosing weight to reduce bust size. I hear varying stories.


  • kellyyjean
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    Definitely true. First place to go for me, unfortunately:sad:
  • Qarol
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    It's not really possible to spot reduce fat. Just work your better eating habits, exercise, and the weight will come off. Your body will decide where. But sooner or later, those trouble spots will go away.
  • jill___
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    From what I've heard, that's the first place most women lose weight. However, I've lost about 50 lbs, and my cup size has NOT reduced at all. I have a DD cup size and assumed that losing weight would reduce the size. It hasn't.

    I also know that you can't spot-reduce fat. You can tone certain parts of your body more than others, but you can't chose where you lose fat.
  • tcdawley78
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    I think it just depends on your body chemistry, heredity, etc... Every one says lost weight = lost boobs, but I'm down 120+lbs, and am still a 38G... :-(
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    Yes. When I lose weight, I typically will lose weight in my breasts. Since your breasts are nothing more than fat and tissue (fatty tissue) it it fairly easy to burn fat in this area. HOWEVER, I would also say that this is also based on genetics. Some women genetically will have larger breasts and will not loose weight. One way you may be able to tell is to look at pictures of female family members. Are the women large or smaller chested?

    I have a feeling that when I am overweight my breasts are larger due to the fact that I am carrying excess fat, but, my mother is extremely thin with a low level of body fat and has always had a smaller chest; so when I lose weight, I become smaller also. Exercises that burn fat burn fat, it just depends on where your body wants to pull its fat storage from!
  • kcdrake
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    Typically, most women lose fat from their breasts at the same rate they lose fat from the rest of their bodies. There are some women (like myself :grumble:) who have more actual mass to their breasts and they don't lose from their breasts as quickly. If anything, bras are harder to find because the band size is getting smaller but the cup size stays the same.

    I hope you're one of the former women and you lose at the same rate. It really does make life easier. :wink:
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    You can't target a certain area to lose fat, but you can lose all over, which will include your bust. I'm really hoping to lose there, too...I'm a DD and would love to be about a C. Just lose it slowly, though, and make sure you do weight training, including chest exercises. I'm hoping that will help them not sag too much after I lose.
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    Definitely depends on your body shape as well. If you are a pear shape you will lose more weight up top first but if you are an apple or triangle you may lose the weight on your legs before the top part of your body. If you are exercising and generally getting healthier - you'll eventually be in the best shape that you can for your body type.

    My personal trainer recommends doing chest and back strength exercises - not because it reduces the size of your bust - but because it helps to firm the muscles supporting them and give you a nice shape as you lose weight.
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    I agree, depends on body composition... however you will definitely lose inches around, and possibly cup size. I've lost 35 lbs and already 4" from my chest measurement but not sure I've gone down a whole cup size to a D from a DD - haven't purchased new bras yet, but I'm sure I'll need to soon.. good luck!
  • fitaliciag
    i lost 30 pounds and went UP a cup size......36C to 34D
  • KokomoJoe
    I had one girlfriend who could gain or lose 20 lbs and I swear it all came/went from her breasts. She was incredibly unhappy with that.
  • candicole007
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    Everyone is different so no one can really say for you specifically. I will say that for me - in the last 4 months, I have had a band reduction (from 38 to 34) but the cup size (C) has stayed the same. BUT - big but - go to the store and grab a 38 c, and a 34 c bra, and you will notice that the C on a 34 is smaller than a C on a 38. They hold less volume. So yes - my breasts are smaller (waaaah lol) even though the cup size has stayed the same. SO even if you keep your current cup size, but your band size reduces, you will be seeing also a reduction in overall breast size.

    I miss my fat-girl boobs, these healthy-girl boobs make me sad LOL
  • AmyEm3
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    I did start losing there eventually---it took a while though. It probably wasn't until after I lost about 30lbs. But I'm an apple shape and I lose last in my belly area and the chest area took a while to budge too.
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    lol, I bet that will happen to me too!:laugh:
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    Thanks for your posts, very helpful.
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    It's very individual, you really won't know if it happens for you until it happens. But it is a good idea to check your sizing when you lose weight, b/c even if your cup size seems the same, the band could shrink. I've lost 22 lbs so far and my measurement over my bust has decreased from 41 inches down to 37, but my band measurement also decreased from about 34 down to 30. So while the numbers are very different, the actual cup size is the same b/c cup size is a relation between bust measurement and band measurement. Different women lose differently though.
  • tricia19444
    I was discussing this last weekend while bra shopping at Nordstroms & being helped by a fitting specialist who has 10 years of experience with fitting women & being trained by various manufacturers.
    She told me that generally she sees that if you are above 200 pounds, that your breasts will not have as much of a size decrease during weight loss, as if you are under 200, and certainly more if you are under 250.
    She also said weight loss can cause you to go to a bigger cup because you lose fat in the area on your back and under your breasts... your band goes down, but the your cups can actually have more size added to them because of this... Hope I explained that clearly.
    Of course everyone is different!!

    And for the record... she also told me a study about overweight men... 35 pounds of weight up or down means a loss or increase of one inch... *LOL* She said its a proven statistic :-)
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    It definitely depends on the person. It seems to be the place that I gain and lose weight from first.
  • Liopleurodon
    I'm hoping to lose a little from the 40Ds, because I want to be able to buy pretty girlie bras. That said even when I was underweight I was still a 32C so I doubt they'll disappear altogether at a healthy weight. I did have a friend who yoyo dieted and the weight went off her waist and back onto her boobs.