FIRST Before/During Photos - HUGE face difference!

alpepp Posts: 55 Member
I just recently started to see changes when I had photos taken of me. Then Facebook timeline came about and I REALLY saw a difference compared with some older pics. I realized it was time to come out from my little corner of MFP and get involved. The Success Stories threads helped me through some tough eating moments and I just had to post these photos for anybody needing to be inspired!!!

Before - January 2009 - Gasparilla Pirate Fest - at my heaviest weight of 215 lbs.
[img] Loss Journey Photos/GasparillaPhotoJan2009-1.jpg[/img]

During - October 2011 - Stage Managing the Rocky Horror Show - 184.5 lbs
[img] Loss Journey Photos/RockyHorrorPhoto10-29-11-1.jpg[/img]

It is absolutely amazing what losing 30 lbs can do to your face!!!

I am no longer going to be hiding from the camera!

Notice I used the word "during" - I'm about a 1/3 of the way through my total weight loss journey. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it!!


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