hmmm am thinking to do my weigh in on sunday's.. anyone weigh in on sundays? and if so why?


  • CMmrsfloyd
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    I weigh in on sundays. And mondays. And tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays, fridays, and even saturdays. LOL I'm a little bit obsessive, and I know some people disagree with weighing so often but it really keeps me motivated. I realize that my numbers are going to go up for a few days sometimes (especially happens a lot after I do a really intense workout) but I like to see it go down at the first possible moment that it goes down. Like I just weighed in yesterday and had lost some weight, then weighed in again this morning expecting to see the same thing but it was down another whole pound! And then I burned some extra calories doing a happy dance around the house. LOL

    I think for people that like to weigh weekly, many of them seem to like to do so *before* the weekend, logic being that they might not be quite as strict about their calories on the weekend or might indulge in things that might make them put on temporary water weight. So they want to get their 'official' weight from a day before those couple of more lenient days. If you don't really 'let loose' on the weekends with regard to calories, alcohol, sodium, etc, then I don't think it would really matter that much what day you choose.
  • I usually weigh myself once a day (if not more), too. But I only log on Mondays because of a challenge I'm in now (the weigh in day is Monday).

    I used to weigh on Sundays, though. I found that it helped me stay on track during the weekend instead of eating too much of bad foods and not exercising, because I tend to slack on the weekends. If I knew I was going to weigh in on Sunday, I'd be extra good on Fridays and Saturdays.
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    To me mondays seems to be most accurate so i do it then. I also found out that thursdays my weight peaks and hits a weekly low on fridays. I used to weigh in on fridays and was very demotivated (i am gaining weight) so i switched to monday.
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    i weigh in on sundays because i feel like it is the start of a new week. It is also easier to keep up with i think. I enjoy weighing in on sundays it gives me a bit more of a challenge to work hard knowing sunday is ahead.
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    I certainly only record losses one day a week, but I weigh nearly every time I go in my bathroom lol. I know I fluctuate a lot and what is neat is that because I have weighed in that often I can tell you I weigh the most in the evening and on Sunday, and Monday... and the least early morning on Thursday. Interesting huh? I thought it was haha
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    :flowerforyou: I always weigh on Sunday. . Then good or bad . . . happy or sad. . . . I follow that with a healthy dose of praise and worship and work it out whichever way it went down. Just my thoughts.
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    My husband and I also have Sunday as our weigh in day. I don't really know why we chose that day...but it works :)
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    I weigh myself every morning. However my official weigh in dat is Tuesday. I found that this is the best day becuase it gives you time to flush all the beer or other unhealthy thing you might have done Friday/Sat night out of your system. So your weight isnt super high from soduim.
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    Sunday is my WI day too. I feel like it keeps me in line on Friday and Saturday.
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    I weigh everyday, but only count Sunday. It's the start of the week. I don't really binge or go crazy on weekends since I have no life and don't go out. If I do drink it's usually during the week, like once.

    Btw if I do have a night of excess drinking I always weigh less the next day. Like pound or two. Not sure why, I think it dehydrates me
  • I weigh in Sunday because if I gained then it gives me motivation for the rest of the week to get back on the wagon or if I lose it just gives me more motivation to keep going!