Butt exercises

I am looking for workout I can do, without weight machines, to lift my butt. Thanks for your suggestions


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    Lunges, squats and dead lifts... oh my.
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    The Butt Bible or Jillian Michaels Killer Bun's and Thighs.
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    Pilates and yoga has several exercises for butt and leg toning!!
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    Lunges Squats and Stairmaster!!
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    Running did it for me :wink:
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    Killer buns and thighs..I noticed a difference in 5 days....all of a sudden it was like.....whoa...I'm getting a nice booty. And this is coming from someone with no butt
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    Brazil Butt Lift...It sounds perfect for you!
  • Get a medicine ball and stand on the wall and place the medicine ball on you back and perform squats, trust me it works and you'll be sore the next day. I do 100 squats a day like this (or at least i try)
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    If you have a phone that can get apps~there is an app I've been doing called Daily Butt Workout (free). It lets you choose from 5, 7.5, and 10 minute workouts; and has squat, front lunges, side lunges, donkey kicks, hip bridge, flutter kicks, deadlift, and few others. When I do the workout my bum is on FIRE by the time I'm done! There is also a daily ab workout also that's pretty good!

    I've been wanting to get the butt bible dvd; just haven't gotten around to ordering it yet.
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    Check out this video:

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    Check out this video:

    Bump and ouch.
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    Check out this video:

    I'm definately going to start doing this!
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    We did these in kickboxing and OMG my booty is sore.
    Check out this video:

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    Glute bridges, barbell hip thrusts, wide stance squats, Romanian deadlift
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    All of the above and add in some kettlebell swings - if done correctly, you have to thrust your hips forward and my butt is always sore the next day.
  • If you're a P90X fan, Tony Horton has a great but exercise workout in his One on One series called Bun Shapper. Is a hard core 50 minute workout focusing just on the but area, and it can all be done in your living room. It's a great workout.
  • It may be what the guy called "glute" bridges, I call them ball bridges...

    here's a link http://ball-exercises.com/exercises/back/index.html

    I place a weight bar across my hips and it's a great butt exercise, along with squats, lunges, etc...
  • Oh, yes, and deadlifts!