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I'm new here -Hello All!

I so happy about MFP! I just started tracking on Monday and have lost 4lbs already. I love this sight. I can't help but to be motivated! I've got over 50 lbs to go, but I'm ready! Whose with me? :happy:


  • ecalonge
    I've got about 50 lbs to lose too and this site really is great and keeps me focused. Whoooo! good job on the 4lb loss!!!:happy:
  • mochalovies
    mochalovies Posts: 192 Member
    SAME! just joined -- and i already think i have an addiction hehe -- never had so much fun logging calories and exercise. Add me!
  • chrissi_k
    chrissi_k Posts: 175 Member
    Welcome :)

    Good job at losing 4 lbs already :)
  • raqattack8
    Hello welcome to MFP, this is an awesome site, so many great people on here. Congrats on loosing 4lbs. I too have approx. 50lbs to go Cheers to us and best regards to your weight loss journey xo