I need a little help getting started.

Well, i'm relatively new i am 5'3 and 169 pounds, my goal weight is about 140 pounds (im mostly looking to get fit and be a proper weight for my height.) But i have a problem, although this website seems amazing and that it SHOULD help a lot with losing weight, i've found myself actually GAINING since starting. Help anyone?


  • heyitskaydee
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    i feel the same thing has happened to me... it might just not be a good fit for us. I find when i'm a member here i'm always worrying about food and counting calories and driving myself crazy rather than living a healthy life.. maybe we should just use this as a tool once and a while and mostly just for the motivation from other people rather than actually counting every single calorie and sugar gram...
  • cathyvice
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    you know at first I find my self thinking about food more then ever and it was hard to stay in the calories I was givinen but I have been on this lifestyle for allmost 3 weeks and it does get easier atleast it did for me I wish you all the luck !!!
  • rochey1098
    If you're sure that you're measuring everything correctly then you might want to talk to your doctor about it. Some people have medical conditions that affect these things. Of course it might just be that something else is happening, for example, if you're lifting weights your muscles might be taking on water (which is completely healthy and normal).
  • SkinnySoph88
    Why do you think you are gaining weight? What food patterns have you changed? Anything major come up in life around the same time?

    I also agree that not every plan works for everyone. I gained weight on Atkins- I would binge like crazy every couple weeks. Weight Watchers really helped me lose the majority of my weight, and now I am here on MFP because I feel like it's more realistic for the long term than made up points.
  • cerrajean
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    If you're exercising too you could actually be building muscle mass at a similar (or greater!) rate as you're burning fat. My advice is to stick with it for a month, maybe 6 weeks. If you're making healthy decisions you should definitely notice a difference in that time frame.
  • Jadesfattorment
    Yeah but after a little while you get used to it and don't worry so much, it seems like my body just adjusted to this and it was easy after that. :)
  • meeko_meerkat
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    Are you drinking more water lately? It might just be a little water retention which will drop off soon. Focus on eating healthy (less sodium will help with the water retention particularly) and regularly exercising and you will see changes - don't be discouraged about gaining a little in the beginning (I've noticed it's more common the shorter you are - not sure why).

    And don't forget to take measurements! - they are often more telling of how well you are really doing. The scale may go up or maintain, but usually the measurements will drop. Don't give up! :wink:
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    I had a problem determining potions and bought a food scale. Problem solved.
  • MzFury
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    Also, WHAT you're eating could have to do with it. No idea but can be a thought if you're not focusing on food quality/cutting added sugars and stuff... And be sure you're taking your measurements! That'll be the real key to figuring out your progress.
  • kellzroxs
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    if your gaining and working out its probably just muscle which in the long run will help u burn more fat!! so just keep going dont get discouraged!!
  • world2c
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    I agree- give it time, you are learning to shift your diet...you may need to make slight adjustments to your calorie intake- everyone has slightly different thresholds and a difference of 50-75 calories, can mean the difference between gaining and losing - your body may think it's starving when in fact it's not.....You may also need to play around with it, some of us, including me, need to eat exercise calories back to lose - you need to refuel, but I've also seen others say that they can't eat them back..... Again, not sure where you fall, but each of us is different. Also, I read somewhere that someone actually put themselves on a 1.5 GAIN instead of a loss..... not saying you did that, just saying I read that on here. Also, if you're still within your first two weeks and you are working out like crazy, very possible that you are gaining due to muscle gain.... Have you tried taking measurements?
  • fatpanda96
    Everyone's comments have actually helped a lot, and i think i know what i'm going to start doing to get my diet going and get healthy. Thank you :)
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    here is a good article that could help... it helped me understand things a little better!!