I need friends, you know who you are, funny maybe a little s



  • I was born ravenous. And I've stayed that way.

    I was the "fat twin". When I was born, I weighed 5 lbs. My twin sister weighed 4. My grandmother said, "Look at her, she's so fat!" My father said he got angry and said, "For chrissakes, Mom, she's only 5 pounds".

    However, the name stuck and I was always plump. And always hungry.
  • andiechick
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    Ha ha, add me!! We can do this!...Hey, is complaining an excercise?

    hey, this is a hobby when it comes to dieting, ha!!
  • andiechick
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    I finally got to see this topci this morning and its fab!! Sorry I didn't get to see it last night, I cba to get back out of bed to view it on the computer!! Gonna grab me some new friends off here, me thinks!!

  • Complain... Check
    Eat ridiculous amounts of fat foods... Check

    Add me up :)
  • janehen12
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    I always remember my nans fridge magnet "i never met a calorie i didnt like"

    sadly, its true!

    Anyone feel free to add me.
  • Laura_Ivy
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    I'm a complainer and I have an intense love/hat relationship with food! Add me to the list! :op