I need some friends! =(

So, I posted a introduction yesterday but seems no-one wants to be friends and join me on my journey lol
I think I would benefit from other people in the same boat so friend me , people! =)
I am from Melbourne, Australia.....any other aussies here??

My profile pic is of me and my brother.....it's me at my heaviest (about 104 kgs!)


  • I'm from Texas! Lol. :)
  • rm830
    rm830 Posts: 531 Member
    Not an aussie, but would love to be friends with you. Feel free to add if u like!
  • ccckwalk
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    It is always nice to have friends to keep you motivated!! Add as many as you can! Log your food, good and bad! And enjoy becoming fit. The more fun you have the longer the results! ~Corina
  • MissSharkattack
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    I'm not from Australia, but add me if you like :)
  • _SusieQ_
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    Asking for friends is nice. But if you really want people who have similar goals and such, delve into the forums. I started out reading Success Stories and found people with like goals or that started where I was and had reached their end game.

    Also, there are a ton of groups out there now. Search for people with similar interests there as well.
  • jkestens63
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    I am in New York City, NY, USA. Feel free to add me.
  • capergal
    capergal Posts: 141 Member
    I'm always looking for friends, you can add me!
  • purplebabe2025
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    Ahhhh, babe. I'm a Londoner. Feel free to add.
  • JennyJacobsen
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    I live in Wisconsin but I can still be your friend :)
  • im not an aussie... but i am a kiwi! lol feel free 2 add me if ya like!
  • gixy72
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    hello and welcome to MFP. im in the isle of man, your more than welcome to add me
  • Thanks! Wasn't sure how the 'friending' works....
    I will definitely be having a proper look around the forum tonight - what a great site, and it's freeeeee!
  • i have just joined today unsure how to add u i am from scotland not australia x
  • natbc1985
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    Hi I'm Natalie, you can add me as a friend if you like :smile:
  • I am from Idaho but would love to be friends lol
  • Hiya, I'm from Devon in the UK. I've sent you a request. Hope to speak soon :)
  • HI! I am Alishia. Feel free to friend me if you want! Always up for new friends!
  • Hi: I'm from Philadelphia, USA -- Please add me to the mix and match if you'd like :)
  • Hi: I'm from Philadelphia, USA -- Please add me to the mix and match if you'd like :)
  • Cullenbraille
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    I just joined last week and don't have any friends either. Add me if you like. I'm from Texas