Need a buddy ! - nearing 50, need to lose 40.

I need some encouragement!! I am closing in on age 50 and it is getting HARDER to lose the weight. This weight is just glued on since I hit age 45. And this belly fat - I want it gone! I started this in August and lost a nice 8 pounds but then quit! I need some buddies that will be with me for the long haul! I figure 40 pounds will take me 30 weeks or more, so I am looking at next summer to reach my goal. Is there anyone out there that shares these goals and plans on sticking it out?


  • Hi there: I'm out here too :). Just turned 50; lost only 10 since January but want to get "serious" -- I need to lose 56 pounds...
    I am also looking for "check in" motivational friends who can understand losing weight at this age is harder; working out a little more scarey, etc. etc. BUT NO Excuses :)

    Cheers to setting goals. I'm thinking 2 pounds a week is a good start. I got a little side-tracked with Thanksgiving but I'm back and had a great two days.
  • Ilovesewing
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    I would love to be a buddy! I started early October and have lost 11 pounds. I also turned 49 in October. Moving slowly is an understatement! I haven't decided how much I need to lose yet...probably about 85 pounds total so another 74 pounds. At this rate I will be 69 when I reach my goal :) But I'm not on a diet this time....I'm changing the way I eat to 'prevent' weight gain which is happening at a steady 5 pounds per year. So slow loss is actually ok with me. But I DO want to lose so I'll keep in touch!
  • alli_dalli
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    Yes, please, I'd love someone to team up with. I am frantic. I was like a stick insect until I reached 45 and suddenly I am like a big, round, painfully swollen balloon that looks vile in clothes and really unhappy. I am so glad I've found this website. If you'd like me as a buddy, then I'll be so happy to do this hand in hand with some friends. I'm English, living in Ireland. And have put on 63lbs in 4 years. How did THAT happen? I hardly eat at all these days. So, lets do it!!
  • lauralind5
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    Hi there im 51. It sure is harder at our age but its doable !!
  • determinedasever
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    I'm at that great age to (48). Always had more weight on than needed. Now borderline with cholesterol, b/p and sugars. I need to get this weight off. It would be really nice to have buddies to chat with along the way. Keep up the great job, you can and will do it.
  • zaftigirl
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    Count me in...I'm 48 and 15 of the 60 pounds I lost over the last several years has crept back. I know I can do this...every year it gets harder...but I need to do this now while my hormones still cooperate most of the time.
  • zaftigirl
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    And I could use encouragement on exercise too...I try to get in at least 30 min 5-6 days a week.
  • alli_dalli
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    Know what you mean about exercise. I hate it and I'm lazy. Even going for a walk seems like a challenge! But I have promised myself I will do 10 minutes a day. Yes I know that sounds ridiculous and pointless such a small amount of time. But that's 70 minutes a week I didn't do before. I haven't done any exercise for about 4 years. Its a swear word!! Glad to read everyone's comments - very supportive and encouraging. Keep it up!
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    Add me too if you like! This is a great site with some great, helpful people!
  • nsblue
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    I was 48 when i started losing my weight.... losing weight is hard no matter the age..... determination...committment and focusing on what you want and DOING what you have to do will get you there. Lifestyle change is the key.
  • BrownEyedSister
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    Closer to 50 than 40 here and working on my own 35 pounds. Please feel free to friend me! :) You've made the first step be coming here - great job!
  • danabromley
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    I'm here if you want to friend me. I'm 47 and finding it hard to loose weight as well. I started here about 3 weeks ago, and its the best thing I've ever done, really I'm not joking. Nothing else has worked for me till I found this site, it keeps me honest. I to need to loose 40 lb. so I now where you're coming from.
  • Lisaw0213
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    I need some friends, too. I'm 51 and I'm working hard to reach my goal. I also go to WW for the support. The belly fat is my problem, too. Also, I don't want to become diabetic.....all real concerns especially with obesity and increased age. "Friend" me!