NSV! :)

Ok, after being sick and in the hospital, and, of course, Thanksgiving. I was feeling a little defeated, discouraged and not at all good about myself. Tonight I had to go shopping for a dress for the company Christmas Party, which is a nice dinner cruise and is this weekend. I have not shopped for a dress since beginning my new lifestyle. For the first time since I can remember, not one thing was too small and I even had to go down a size from what I thought I needed! My faith in myself and my abilities has been restored and pics will be forthcoming!


  • liveinthemix
    liveinthemix Posts: 360 Member
    yay.. way to go!
  • Contrarian
    Contrarian Posts: 8,138 Member
    That is excellent!
  • love22step
    love22step Posts: 1,103 Member
    Great! Shopping's a lot more fun when you're looking for smaller clothing vs. larger clothing. From the looks of your ticker, you've had to shop for lots of smaller sizes! Wonderful progress! I'm sure you're going to enjoy the holidays in your new, fit body!
  • goobergop
    goobergop Posts: 29 Member
    Congrats that's so awesome. Keep up the inspiring work :)
  • stevwil41
    stevwil41 Posts: 608 Member
    Excellent! While shopping isn't my thing it still always makes me feel good to have to buy smaller things:)
  • What a great feeling and you'll feel wonderful at that party!
  • Awesome! Can't wait to see the pictures! Great job on not giving up!:happy:
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