Store Bought Breakfasts on the GO!

Hi friends,

I'm wondering what your favorite store-bought breakfasts are.

I keep trying and trying to get myself up early enough to cook something for breakfast, but I am just not a morning person so it's not working out for me.

Any suggestions for yummy, ready-made breakfasts on the go?

I am AOK with having to microwave something. :)


  • jasonnjamer
    jasonnjamer Posts: 65 Member
    smart ones egg scramble is yummy!! pop it in the microwave and low cal super filling breakfast in minutes. actually smart ones have alot of different breakfasts to choose form. you should check them out.
  • there are plenty of frozen ones. My quick (not super healthy though) is a toasted bagel with cream cheese, YUM
  • chris6515
    chris6515 Posts: 131 Member
    Instant fiber-high oatmeal with dried fruit, chopped apples and nuts added.

    Fat free cottage cheese with strawberries or blueberries, pecans and a sprinkle of Splenda.

    I am usually a coffee drinker, but I also have always loved hot chocolate. To increase my calcium intake without the sugar of chocolate, I make hot milk and add cinnamon and a touch of Splenda.

    Microwave a sliced apple in a little water until tender, sprinkle with granola or nuts and splenda, top with vanilla yogurt.

    A toasted bagel topped with peanut butter and either raisins, a sliced apple, or a sliced banana

    To eat in the car--

    a smoothie and a handful of nuts
    a toasted half a bagel, cheese cubes, and juice, a navel orange or tangerine, an apple, or a banana
    a good-quality fiber bar and a piece o fruit
  • terrigrace
    terrigrace Posts: 199 Member
    Jimmy Dean d-lights are my favorite. Around 300 calories for turkey sausage, egg, cheese biscuits or croissant. I love that they are fast to make and very easy to eat while driving. Usually try to pair them with some sort of fruit for breakfast on the go.
  • jecka31
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    The SmartOne meals and the Jimmy Dean Light Sandwiches are pretty good, just be careful with sodium levels. I found a microwave McMuffin "pan" at Target about a two weeks ago. I put 3-4 egg whites in it with some cheese (made from 2%), low sodium ham and spinach, close the lid and throw it in the microwave for less than 2 minutes. I toast an English muffin, bagel or toast while its cooking and then put together my homemade McMuffin. Good for you meal in under 3 minutes. I grab it and a piece of fruit and out the door I go! In the past, I've also done the Special K shakes with fruit or yogurt and fruit but I've found these choice don't sustain me for long enough. I function best first thing in the morning if I can get a decent amount of protein in, but that is how I function.

    If you have time and the money, Subway also has awesome breakfast. You can get egg whites on flat bread with all the veggies you want! Just leave off the cheese and pick a light dressing and your set! Here in Austin our Subways do a 6" flat bread sandwich and coffee for $3 or $4.
  • I usually have oatmeal, frozen blueberries (put in after microwaving oatmeal), stevia and cinnamon or I have 1 slice whole wheat bread and 1 TBSP peanut butter and a piece of fruit and 1 c skim milk, or 2 eggs fried in 1 tsp olive oil and 1 lite english muffin toasted
  • Subway flatbreads are actually more calories than regular white or wheat from there. Also the one I work at has light wheat engish muffins....another choice is no dressing on it
  • k4evans1
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    I like mini kefir cups and a banana. That's easy to grab and go.
  • I almost always eat a homemade granola bar ( I can get you the recipe if you want... ingredients are oatmeal, PB, honey, powdered milk, wheat germ, chocolate chips... I think that's it... they're chewy & require no baking. One of my dad's old hippie/geologist recipes). About 250 calories per square, and just the right ratio of protein, fiber, and fat to be filling. We just make a pan of them on the weekend and keep them in the fridge all week.

    A baggie of Quaker Oatmeal Squares to much at my desk is a favorite... they're the only cereal I've found that tastes good & is easy to eat dry that also has enough protein to keep me full. Ideally, I like 1c. of Oatmeal squares & about 6oz of Stonyfield organic greek yogurt.

    I'm boring. I've been eating one of these two breakfasts every weekday for months. But they still taste good to me! And, they're the only things I've found so far that work at staving on the hypoglycemia before lunch.
  • stefchica
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    iv LOVED the jimmy dean turkey, egg and cheese english muffin sandwiches, DELICIOUS!!! i was very surprised but those are the only breakfast ones i've bought before in the past. i dont get them now because i'm not eating meat but they're good! low fat, low calorie and yummy!
  • NovemberJune
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    I usually eat kashi waffles, boiled eggs, or a granola bar. Sometimes homemade, sometimes snackwells. I also like peanut butter jelly toast