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very upset and depressed

tiangelahtiangelah Posts: 144Member Posts: 144Member
I gained 2 lbs. God is playing some kind of cruel joke on me.


  • tiangelahtiangelah Posts: 144Member Posts: 144Member
    I gained 2 lbs. God is playing some kind of cruel joke on me.
  • TgeorgeTgeorge Posts: 49Member Posts: 49Member
    :smooched: I totally hear your pain. I have not lost since 2 weeks ago and I am excersiing more and really sticking to the food plan. It is totally bumming me out. I so want to be under 180.5 but it just isn't happening.

    Have you increase excersie and protein at the same time? Getting enough sleep?
  • lotusfromthemudlotusfromthemud Posts: 5,396Member Member Posts: 5,396Member Member
    Are you weighing yourself everyday? This is a really good way to get frustrated (at least it was for me). Your body weight can fluctuate by up to five pounds in a day. I weigh myself once a week, sometimes even less often, on the same day at the same time. Also, it's common if you've just intensified your exercise to retain water at the beginning, as your body adjusts to the new or newer routine.

    It takes time. Please be patient with yourself, and concentrate on feeling better, not just the number on the scale.:flowerforyou:
  • helw31helw31 Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    Be patient those pounds could be any number of things. If you have been sticking to your plan it will come off. Don't get down hearted try measuring yourself sometimes it is loss in inches rather than pounds in weight :flowerforyou:
  • babyhippobabyhippo Posts: 247Member Posts: 247Member
    Please be patient and keep at it. Remember, the TAPE MEASURE is the true measurement of how you are doing, not the scales.
  • alf1163alf1163 Posts: 3,314Member Member Posts: 3,314Member Member
    When was the last time you weighed in? If it was less than a week ago then I would not worry about it. As it was mentioned before it can mean a number of things. So don't get frustrated and continue with your plan and weigh yourself again a week or more...and also take your measurements. Good luck!!!
  • tiangelahtiangelah Posts: 144Member Posts: 144Member
    i am going to try to not weight myself so often. I will only do it once a week. I have not lost anything since I have been working out and eating right.
  • babiecuddlesbabiecuddles Posts: 47Member Member Posts: 47Member Member
    Sounds like you’re having a day like I had last week. :cry: Cheer up!!!!! :flowerforyou: You can do this. And it’s not God, He loves you just the way you are. :heart:
    As the others have said it is best to only weigh once a week at the most. Sunday or Monday is my weigh in day. I hope the rest of the day goes better for you. :happy:
  • kak1018kak1018 Posts: 183Member Posts: 183Member
    I used to weigh myself every day and it made me crazy and often times it set the tone for my mood. I don't do it anymore, once a week is plenty! You are working so hard, you will see the results.
  • Erica92627Erica92627 Posts: 576Member Posts: 576Member
    Lost six pounds, but now it snuck back up on me. I'm eating the same foods as I was when I was loosing weight, I'm watching my intake of everything. I'm not much of a soada drinker. In 4 weeks (i should have lost more weight then nothing at all) I've only had one soda (in the last three weeks) and it had more ice than soda. I've been drinking water more often, maybe not the recommended 8 glasses but I am getting water.

    my clothes feel tight again, at first they were feeling looser and nice now I'm back to square one. I want to be down 10 pounds (at the least) in two months, that is not too much too ask and that is not too much weight at all. any suggestions?

    I know I am not gaining muscle, just can't be.
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