73 pounds lost w/LOTS of pics



  • april_beth
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    WOAH!!! nice job!! kick my butt into high gear please? :)
  • twynzmom
    twynzmom Posts: 172
    amazing! inspirational!
  • jbahrami
    jbahrami Posts: 206 Member
    Look at you, Ms. Fabulous!!! What a great inspiration for eveyone out there who is working on the same goal!! Keep up the great work!!
  • krstngrrtt
    krstngrrtt Posts: 69 Member
    GREAT job!!! You look terrific!! And whats even better than looking terrific!?!?! I know you have to FEEL terrific too!!!!!
  • Ahluvly
    Ahluvly Posts: 389 Member
    Eeeeeeeeeh my god, well done! You've done amazingly well.....keep up the good work for a better, healthier, fitter you!!!!

  • floetrylove
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    U GO GIRL !!!
  • What a work !!! You are fantastic ! Great job !!!!
  • darlalu00
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    Congratulations KeKe...You look amazing!!! I love the last picture that's awesome!!! Keep up the good work!!!
  • U look awesome! Keep up the good work!
  • amfaery
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    wow!!!!! you should be proud what a great accomplishment, I think you are very pretty reagrdless but I know I feel a lot better after losing I have lost a little over 100 lbs since my first pregnancy cant beleive the difference I feel
  • Articeluvsmemphis
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    nicework! :happy:
  • amyd03
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    great job u look awsome. congrats.
  • sharesb
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    Wow! What a great transformation! The last photo really says it all! Keep up the great work!!
  • Gary6030
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    Look at you and your bad self! Keep it up!
  • drk_diva
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    You look amazing. Awesome job!!
  • kristelpoole
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    Amazing!! So inspiring and even though I don't know you, I am SO PROUD of you!!! Keep it up!
  • Reasie26
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    GREAT job!!!! Wow - that's phenomenal!!! Thank you so much for sharing your huge success - the pictures are SO motivating!!!!!! Way to go!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!
  • katyejean
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    AWESOME! Congratulations!!!
  • sandiki
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    You look amazing! Great before and afters!
  • JennC831
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    You've done such a great job!!! Congrats!!!