Ugh :(

I do so well during the day and eat so well, and than as soon as the kids are in bed, I eat horribly. Yesterday was my first day and I did so well and than around 10 o clock , dbf went to Burger King :(
How do I not give into these temptations?


  • maiasmommy
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    I do so well during the day and eat so well, and than as soon as the kids are in bed, I eat horribly. Yesterday was my first day and I did so well and than around 10 o clock , dbf went to Burger King :(
    How do I not give into these temptations?
  • Go to bed! :)
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    i feel your pain. night time eating is sooo hard. i am a teacher and i love to snack while im grading papers late at night. especially when there's a large glass of wine helping me out. maybe since you know the time your gonna do it... you can plan an activity to distract you from being able to get in the car and go to that bad place- burger king. write someone an email, read a magazine, walk on the treadmill, do an exercise video?, write in a journal, take a shower? anything. then you'll pass the time and then go straight to bed! sometimes i find that if i just promise myself that i won't go into the kitchen... i don't do it. Sometimes i'll talk online or something. i hope i helped:) i'm no expert.
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    Go to bed! :)

    :smile: and then get up early to excercise!
  • chew gum! That's what I do...or brush your teeth. Nothing tastes as good with that minty taste in your mouth!! And it keeps your mouth busy chewing!!
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    at night when I get a craving for something I have yogart with frest fruit rasberries, blueberries, blackberries,strawberries,with grape nuts sprinkled on top..It is filling, sweet, and good for you..It has taken the place of the ice cream i thought i had to have everynight
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    My bedtime ritual used to include reading and eating in bed for 30 minutes. It was hard to break the habit of not eating while reading. At first I tried low calorie items...I would make it as appealing as possible. Things like assorted fresh fruit items of sliced apples with cinnamon. Occasionally popcorn or pretzels counted out. Eventually a nice glass of water was all that I needed but it took time.

    Ask your family/bf to support you in this. Think creatively. I try to have lower calorie alternatives for just such emergencies. ie I make turkey burgers and freeze them...2 minutes in the microwave a slice of cheese (usually no bun) and I can sit and eat with everyone else and I feel neither deprived and the turkey is just enough protein to keep me going for a really long time.

    Also, I have been known to bring something from home when a treat is planned for the kids. ie...movies? I bring my own snack instead of their movie popcorn.

    Most importantly do not quit! Decide for yourself that this is what you are going to do and then just stick with it.

    My son always quotes..."buy the ticket, ride the ride."
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    :flowerforyou: You live and learn.
    Next time, remember this and do better.
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    :flowerforyou: That is one reason I find the food diary on here so helpful. When the calories are all eaten it's over for the day- no if's and's or but's. I think that knowing how guilty and bad you'll feel in the morning is also motivation to say no to the late night snacks. Having a lo cal pudding if you have calories left, or a 100 calorie bag of popcorn helps too. but you have to plan for that in your daily calories. I think that staying on track is really about discipline and isn't that the hardest part? We know what lack of discipline will lead to- weight gain or no weight loss, but we do it anyway. The secret is to think through the consequence and then not do the thing that will cause the bad consequence. Just know that we all goof and struggle and today is a new day- plan to wake up tomorrow and post that you made it through the day without a late night binge!! you can do it!
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    Also coming on the message boards here when you're about to snack or when you're feeling frustrated or alone! I like to do that when I get tired of the discipline!
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    PLAN! My family likes to have a snack while watching evening TV.... I spent EXACTLY one night sitting there with nothing to eat.... now I plan my calories so that I can have a snack at night. I don't buy many "diet meals" or supplements... but I do splurge on Weight Watchers desserts... I keep a few in my freezer for a chocolate fix or a tasty treat. I plan my snacks early in the day so that I know I'm going to have enough calories left for it.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for all the advice! I will definitely start planning!