Getting back on track - any writers here?

Would love to buddy up with a writer. Writing is so sedentary and it takes a special effort to get up from that chair and work out.

Look forward to hearing from you.


  • TriforceRaven
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    I don't have a career as a writer, but I do it as a hobby! Same with art. Do you do NaNoWriMo?
  • nyprdiva
    nyprdiva Posts: 76 Member
    I'm a writer. What are you looking to do?
  • meerkat70
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    I'm not a fiction writer - I'm an academic. Not sure if that helps. I do write a lot!
  • que_legal
    que_legal Posts: 4 Member
    Does a graduate student count? All I ever do these days is write.
  • Thanks for all the quick responses. I'm just looking for a weight loss buddy who might be able to discuss writing as well. That's all.

    You all sound extremely interesting. I'm a writer but not yet an author. I will be, though.

    PM me if you want a weight loss buddy.
  • Does a graduate student count? All I ever do these days is write.

    Of course it counts. That's really hard work.
  • I write full-time. You're right, it is VERY sedentary (and kind of lonely, hah). The nice thing is that I personally always look for reasons to procrastinate, and working out is at least a healthy one ;)
  • SweetProgression
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    You can add me if you like. I'm a writer... Not published but I write songs, stories, poetry, etc.
  • paxetamore
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