1200 kcal diet, daily basic need 1380 kcal. What to do?

Hi guys,
I just joined seriously (again) and this time I'm following a 1200 kcal/day diet. I see that for my 71 kg, and 162 cm hight, my daily basic calory need is 1380 kcal. Now this would make a deficit of only 180 kcal a day if I follow 1200kcal diet. Weight loss would take such a time. Any suggestions? This cant be right. My body must be able then to hand a 1000 kcal diet, or am I wrong? I really want to follow a healthy diet.

I try to do workout 5 days a week, mostly tennis but at least a half an hour of fast walking. I'm supposed to substitute for these calories so I don't go under 1200 a day.

Tricky.Glad for any help.


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    You need to eat enough to fuel your body, especially if you are working out 5 days per week. 1200 calories is the minimum because you need to be able to give your body all the nutrients it requires. Try to relax and realize that it's not a race and slower loss is actually usually healthier and more sustainable.
  • BMR measures how many calories your body burns in a state of complete rest. If you do any sort of physical activity during the day, even just sitting at a computer desk and taking short walks around your house and to your car, the amount of calories your body actually burns in a day goes up. That's why MFP asks you about your daily activity level when you're signing up.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the rate of your loss. Slower weight loss actually ends up looking better on your body because it gives your skin time to tighten and adjust to the change. You WILL get there eventually, and the results will be worth the extra time spent.
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    Where did you get your basic need of calories from? There are a lot of interesting threads that talk about calories, eating healthy and eating your exercise calories. If you are informed and know the consequences you can choose...