Can you see a difference? (hope my pics work!)

KatiePeca Posts: 314 Member
So, tonight I put on a shirt that when it was brand new, was pretty snug, and I noticed that it's quite a bit looser! I also remembered taking pics in it, so I snapped some new ones for compairson sake. I whited out my face because I look really goofy and have never liked many pictures of myself anyway ;) And please forgive the wet finger marks on my shirt in the pics on the right, I didn't notice until it was too late ;)

So, can you tell? There's maybe 15 pounds difference.



  • sherryoh69
    yes, you can realy tell a difference! specially in your stomach, and arms! good job
  • melbhall
    melbhall Posts: 519
    You can definitely tell a difference! And you have nice collar bones! Jealous!
  • KatiePeca
    KatiePeca Posts: 314 Member
    Thanks, I carry most of my weight in the hips and butt and legs it seems ;)

  • lettydawn
    I can most definitely see a difference! Congrats!
  • MamaLutt
    MamaLutt Posts: 66 Member
    I see a difference! Keep it up!!
  • beckyinma
    beckyinma Posts: 1,433 Member
    Pear shape here too. Way to go, the shirt fits much better now. Keep up the great work!
  • TahanyE
    TahanyE Posts: 83
    Katie I totally see a difference. I'm noticing mine in my jeans, which sucks cuz jeans are expensive lol. Great work and keep it up!
  • Jennyismyname
    I can TOTALLY see a difference!! Great job! you can do it!! I can't wait until I see results!
  • HotMommy0609
    Look at how your shirt hangs off of you. You're doing great Katie!! :flowerforyou:
  • premiumchilenita
    premiumchilenita Posts: 600 Member
    Wow! you can really tell the difference! It seems like your shirt now is longer That happened to me too:smile:
  • Danielle518
    Danielle518 Posts: 10 Member
    Totally Can!!!!!! Good job!
  • nitengail1970
    Yes, you can tell a difference. The pics are great!!!! Keep up the good work! :smile:
  • Krissi921
    Krissi921 Posts: 62 Member
    You totally can see a difference in your tummy! Great job!
  • Contrarian
    Contrarian Posts: 8,138 Member
    Great job! Progress feels amazing, doesn't it?
  • jenbison
    Definitely can tell a difference. How exciting! Keep it up!!
  • ericalyn93
    Yes you can see a difference! You can tell the shirt is less form fitting than before. Great Job. Keep up the good work!!
  • chelso0o
    chelso0o Posts: 366 Member
    Yep! You are what I like to call a "melter" haha! Someone who loses from the top down and it looks like your weight is just melting off of your body :):):) BRAVO!!!!! :)
  • lmfsmiles
    lmfsmiles Posts: 24 Member
    Nice work! Big difference
  • Jenn728
    Jenn728 Posts: 683 Member
    Absolutely! Keep up the great work!! :flowerforyou:
  • DizzieLittleLifter
    DizzieLittleLifter Posts: 1,020 Member
    Sure can! Great Job Katie keep it up! :heart: :flowerforyou:
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